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Three Essential Services to Maintain Your Pond

Three Essential Services to Maintain Your Pond

Having a pond as a feature on your property can add great aesthetic appeal to your outdoor entertainment area. However, ponds require ongoing maintenance in order to prevent unsightly weeds from growing and bringing along unwanted algae. You can hire a company that offers these ongoing maintenance services. The following three services can help maintain your pond.

Mosquito control

Mosquitoes naturally gravitate to any body of water, and you can likely be deterred from relaxing by your pond if these pesky creatures infest the area. However, that does not mean you cannot control and prevent them from ruining the ambiance that your outdoor pond provides. There are natural methods of mosquito control. One method involves stocking certain types of fish in your pond that naturally deter mosquitoes like bluegill, small minnows or catfish. Another option is to incorporate an aerating fountain or an aeration system with a bottom-diffuser.

Fish stocking

Whether you have a large pond or a small lake, keeping fish stocked is essential. You can hire a service to outline a fish stocking program that is customized to your particular needs. It can be customized based on your budget and your geographic location. The program can include the species of fish that are recommended, number of fish needed, licensing or other requirements, expected results, expected timeframe and costs. Having an ongoing fish stocking program in place will keep your pond or lake maintained nicely.

Algae control

Uncontrolled weeds can lead to out of control algae problems. Pond algae identification is an essential part of keeping your pond attractive, healthy and safe. There are a variety of ways to treat algae. After treatments, results can be seen anywhere from 3-14 days depending on the treatment used. An annual water management program can cure algae problems and prevent the unhealthy growth of weeds and algae.

Ultimately, with the help of a pond maintenance company you can keep your lake or pond in the best shape. The three services that can help keep your pond looking nice include algae control, fish stocking and mosquito control.