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Investing in a Dot Peen Marking System

Investing in a Dot Peen Marking System

Investing in a Dot Peen Marking System

The Peen engraving systems works by electromagnetically striking the carbide or diamond stylus assembly against the surface to be marked. Used to mark logos, alpha numeric characters, 2D data matrix, bar codes; just to mention a few, the peen machines are among the most versatile direct part marking methods used in the industries today.

Of course, the direct part marking has varied industrial and manufacturing investmentapplications. When a firm invests in a versatile marking solution, they are not only assured of high quality marks and brands on their products, but also increased productivity. Perhaps you’re wondering how the Peen system works. Well, the dot marks brought about by a pulsed current which runs through a solenoid. The system punches a magnet a magnet towards the surface, and then put back the stylus in the starting position. The pulses are done within a fraction of a second, the entire marking process only takes a short time.

The frequency can be adjusted by controlling the speed alongside the movement in the X and Y axes. Firms that have invested in the Dot Marking systems have noted the following characteristics:

    • The System is cost effective
    • The system does not require consumables
  • The System has very high speed accuracy
  • The system makes marks on generally any material
  • The system does not require compressed air

Whether you’re an automotive or aerospace firm, you can also be part of this global quality system. In addition, firms dealing with agricultural machinery, oil and gas industry, electronic components, metal working industry, transportation, and even logistics industries can also utilize the technology on their products. Below are the types of Peen Marking Systems

The Handheld Peen Markers

Perhaps you’re looking to invest in a marking solution that is quite portable and mobile. That’s alright! You’ll want to check out the handheld peen marking systems. The handheld markers are perfect in working environments where versatility and maneuverability are essential. Among the most common handheld peen marking systems include the E1 series, the E1 P63c, the E1 P123; just to mention a few.

The Integrated Peen Marking Systems

The Peen Marking process has an option of being integrated into the production lines. These systems are designed for integrators who appreciate the long term reliability, compact design, and extremely high marking speeds. Among the most common systems one can invest in include the e10R i53, the e10R i83, and the e10R i141; just to mention a few.

The Column mounted Peen Markers

Perhaps you’re looking to have the Peen Marking systems as individual work stations with independent controllers. That’s alright. How about investing in a Column Mounted Peen Marker? The system is designed as a secondary marking process which operates alongside the line of production. Among these systems are the e10 c153, e10 c303; just to mention a few.