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Things to Remember Before you Buy Online Ad Tracking Software

People who are very new to digital marketing they just look for traffic sources and they never cared about the ads tracking software. Once they know the importance of the online ad tracker and they start looking for it. There is lot of online ad tracking software in the market and some are good and some are bad also some are costly and some are affordable. So there is lot of things to take into consideration when buying it. Don’t worry here I am going to solve your doubts in this article. Here I am breaking the down question into different topics which are very crucial in buying it.

Overview of the campaign

You should get a clear idea on the data after you run the campaign. Most of the people think they got failed in the first ad campaign and they cannot get profit. This is wrong the gold is present in the data you have got. Check what angles the ad is working figure out and run it, you will soon see profits by using the data. So a good ad tracker shows the overview of the ad campaign easily and effective way. You can see what you want and get double the ROI.

Split Testing Features

Split testing is key when it comes on online ad tracking. We don’t what may works and what may not. So you need to make lot of ad copies with little changes. So that you can run all the ads and with the data you get you can kill the bad ad campaigns. So now it’s time to scale the good campaigns.

Split testing is key a little change in button color or button text and can really improve the conversion rates. You can do split test of images, heading, Call to action, videos, bullet points and more.

Tracking Variables in the Ads

There are lots of variables in the ad copies like you want to target mobiles only, desktop audience, males, females, age groups. So we have very good number of variables to test it out and recently I found that mobile audience buys a lot of goods. With the variable ad tracking I was able to figure out soon and then scale it with %509 ROI.
Tracking sales & leads via landing page

People just enter email id just like that these days. They need to be informed what use of submitting an email id is. What will be the benefit of it? As the internet grows people are subscribing to new lists daily and you need to think of growth hacker to build up new ideas on it to get a good conversion rates. To track those leads & sales conversion you need a good online tracker. Sometimes you can get more conversion rates by using a landing page.

So how do you do all the features stated above? We need a good online ad tracker with low budget right? I hear you and I am going to reveal the best ad tracker with low budget of just $297 yearly you can track unlimited traffic , unlimited campaigns. YES! You heard it right, its unlimited campaigns you can run and track it.

The name of the ad tracking is CPVLAB and it’s a self hosted tracker. Just you need a buy $10 server to host it and run and hey here I have $50 CPVLAB Discount coupon code you can try out now.