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The Purpose of the Trauma Insurance Plan

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Have you heard of trauma protection plan? Many people are unaware of what this insurance plan is and they don’t know whether it is similar to health insurance or somewhat different. Trauma protection plans are meant for acting as a guard for critical illness. They provide lump sum compensation to the policyholder in case he comes across some critical illness. The compensation amount depends on the type of illness. Your medical insurance may be covering minor expenses but what if all of a sudden you or someone in your family develops a critical illness? This illness can be cancer, sudden kidney failure, stroke, dementia, coma, blindness, bypass, Alzheimer’s, brain tumor, aortic surgery, and more many. Can you imagine arranging a large sum of money for getting such illness treated?  What if you need money all of a sudden? What if there is nobody, who can help you but the treatment needs to begin right away? At that time, lumpsum compensation from the trauma protection can save you from hell.

Why choose trauma insurance plan?

Life is quite uncertain. You may never know what can happen to you next. Even a healthy person can be diagnosed with a disease. If God forbid you are diagnosed with any such critical disease, and the doctors say it is curable but you don’t have enough money, what will you do? The sudden news of the illness and the worry that you don’t have enough money will kill you anyway. In order to save yourself from this trouble, it is never too late to get a trauma protection plan for yourself.

The policyholder gets a pre-decided compensation from the insurer for his illness. The insurer is going to provide money for the treatment of the illness in the form of compensation. Each insurer may have its own list of critical diseases for which compensation is provided. So, you will have to check that before you purchase the insurance policy.

Application procedure

Here is the procedure to apply for the trauma insurance plan:

  • The applicant must be at least 17 years to apply for this insurance program. The maximum age can be 59 years.
  • The applicant will be entitled to receive a compensation starting from $100,000 to $500,000. Some of the insurers may also offer a higher coverage depending on the type of policy the application purchases.

If you didn’t know about the trauma insurance plan before, it is never too late to apply for it. You can even apply for it after getting diagnosed with a certain disease. The insurer will ask you to provide medical records as a proof to file a claim. If the policy holder passes away, the insurance even offers death benefits. Before choosing any insurance policy, please and get detailed information.