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What is Everybody Saying About New Projects in Ghaziabad?

Ghaziabad is a city in Uttar Pradesh state of India. It is often called as the Gateway to UP. The reason why it is referred to as that is because the neighbor of Ghaziabad is New Delhi and this city has a direct entry into Uttar Pradesh through Ghaziabad. This city is a part of National Region Capital that is NCR. It is a huge preplanned city which is well connected to reads, railways, airports and all other types of modes of transport. It is the commercial, cultural, financial, industrial and educational center of west Uttar Pradesh and its rail junction is the major one in North India. Ghaziabad hold the label of being the second largest industrial unit in Uttar Pradesh.

This is a wonderful city and everybody loves to stay in this city. No one is forced to come here and stay. They themselves willing pack their bags and leave for whatsoever reasons. We have already discussed that it is a pre planned city. So the very first point as to why people are so enchanted with this city is the perfect planning and later execution of this city. This city leaves no space for any kind of complaints because it is perfectly brought into picture. Later after the city was made the developers kept a check on the working of the city and if everything is running fine. They keep a check even today which is a creditable thing.

The people in Ghaziabad are highly impressed with the way the city works in context of residential properties. The city has a lot of new upcoming projects for the benefit, luxury and comfort of its residents. It is a very interesting fact that Ghaziabad the introduction and the development of new projects in Ghaziabad are 3 times more than any other city in India. Now that is something huge. Also the rate of upcoming projects is higher than any other city and that of the city’s own records. The residential properties are gaining lots of appreciation from the residents, the people living in neighboring countries and also people from different cities throughout India. The professionals in this real estate field are also very impressed with the new projects.

People are extremely happy with such rapid growth in the residential sector and the quality of the new projects. The advantages of these projects are the absolute comfort along with luxury and living in the serenity and tranquil of nature. This is the very important reason as to why people are alluring over the new projects in Ghaziabad.

As discussed already there are many new projects coming up in Ghaziabad. We have mentioned some of them for your benefit. They are as follows.


 Bankey Bihari Sharnam by Shyam buildwell

  • There is a new project coming up at the Raj Nagar Extension called as the Bankey Bihari Sharnam by the Shyam Buildwell. It goes by the tagline of An Incarnation of Inner Vista. It is a private residence complex. It is an appropriate example of elegance that brings to the light the aesthetic and classic designs of an apartment. This projects brings to life all your dreams you ever dreamt of. It highlights your requirements and provides you a better standard of living. It is

Well decorated and the infrastructure is appropriately planned. The biggest benefit of this project is that it is surrounded with lush greenery everywhere. This project is situated at the NH-58, Ghaziabad. Its possession starts in June 2015. The starting price of the 2, 3 BHK apartments clubbed together in 3 buildings is 31.35 Lakhs.

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