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SOS Plombier – Luxembourg Plumber

SOS Plumber Luxembourg is a Luxembourgish business and your expert in home troubleshooting and interventions for all plumbing and piping work.

Our head office is located in Luxembourg precisely at the 5th Street Heienhaff , in the city of Senningerbergand our postcode is 1736.

SOS Plombier Luxembourg is a subsidiary of the Giraud Benelux group in Belgium, hence the possibility for our plumbers to intervene for cases in neighbouring regions close to Belgium and Luxembourg like Luxembourg City, Metz and Arlon

SOS Plumber Luxembourg is made up of several qualified experts plumbers who are at your disposal and act according to your needs, taking into consideration your budget and comfort. This is SOS Plombier Luxembourg’s mission.

You are facing a breakdown in your plumbing system? A renovation is necessary for your bathroom?

Do notpanic, SOS plombier Luxembourg has the adequate solutions for all your plumbing problems in Luxembourg.

Our highly qualified plumbers fix all your plumbing work cheaply and make you benefit from their expertise, professionalism and speed of response 7 days/7 and 24 hours/24 for all types of troubleshooting.

The services our plumbers offer are many and vary between residential customers and business customers, and some of them are:

  • Research and repair all water and gas leaks
  • Replacement, repair and maintenance of your faucets, mixer taps and joints
  • Installation, repair and maintenance of your sanitary facilities such as washbasins, sinks and toilet…
  • Installation, renovation and maintenance of your bathrooms
  • Installation, repair and maintenance of your hot water tank
  • Installation and repair of your shredders
  • Installation and repair of your shower pipes
  •  Repair and maintenance of pipelines
  •  Repair and installation of piping
  • Pipelines and sewage services.

The field of action of plumbing is vast and thus requires expert knowledge. Moreover, plumbing installations must always be donevery well as a problem, whatever small it may be, can quickly worsen. This is why it is best to call a professional plumber for your plumbing work in Luxembourg. SOS Plumber is the expert plumber you need in Luxembourg.

SOS Plumber Luxembourg is also advicesto clients on how to maintain their plumbing facilities, establishes quotes and plumbing repairs cheaply upon appointment.

Our qualified plumbers arrive ​​within 30 minutes in case of emergency in Luxembourg and are at your disposal for cheap plumbing works 24 hours/24, 7 days/ 7.

To request the interventions of our “team of qualified plumbers”, simply call 00352 691 8060 15 or visit our website for all types of plumbing troubleshooting in Luxembourg.