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SOS Plombier – Draining in Luxembourg

SOS Plombier Luxembourg is a Luxembourgish business and your expert in home interventions and troubleshooting for all pipelines and draining jobs.

Our head office is in Luxembourg, precisely at the 5th Street Heienhaff, in the city of Senningerberg and with the postcode 1736.

SOS Plombier Luxembourg is a subsidiary of the Giraud Benelux group in Belgium, hence the possibility for our plumbers to intervene for cases in neighbouring regions close to Belgium and Luxembourg like Luxembourg City, Metz and Arlon

SOS Plombier Luxembourg is teams made up of several qualified draining plumbers experts that are available and act according to your needs, taking into account your budget and comfort. Such is the mission of SOS Plombier Luxembourg.

Your water will not flow smoothly? Are your pipes clogged constantly, and everything you do can’t solve the problem or you may be unsure on how to go about it?

At SOS PlombierLuxembourg, we immediately put an end to these compromising situations professionally and affordably.

Our qualified Luxembourg draining plumbers offer several cheap repairing professional services and provide you with their expertise and skills to act quickly on your pipes, 24h/24 and 7/7.

SOS plombier Luxembourg’s uncorking/draining services are cheap and include:

  • Unclogging Bathtub
  • Unclogging Sink
  • Unclogging toilet
  • Unclogging pipes clogged laundry
  • Unclogging (mechanical and high pressure) of all types of pipes (collective, condominiums, flats and industrial)
  • Drainage of septic tank
  • Sanitation of your pipes
  • Drainage of moisture
  • All types of flushing (mechanical and high pressure)
  • Biological Disgorging
  • Pumping water and grease tray.
  • Flushing, cleaning and unclogging your pipes and domestic appliances
  • Video Inspection with a highly sophisticated exploration camera.

When it becomes hard or impossible to unclog your drains yourself, SOS Plombier Luxembourg’s highly experienced draining can come and solve the problem effectively. We have all the equipment (physical and intellectual) necessary to try to unclog/drain your pipes cheaply, and if that is not enough, an excavation should be considered to solve the problem.

SOS Plombier Luxembourg is also free advices to our customers on unclogging and flushing matters, in order for them to better maintain their pipes and household appliances in Luxembourg.

Our qualified draining plumbers show up ​​within 30 minutes in case of emergencies in Luxembourg and are at your disposal for cheap unclogging jobs24 hours/24, 7/7 in Luxembourg.

Contact our pipe professionals on 00352 691 8060 15 as soon as you identify a blockage in your property or if you need to quickly unclog/drain your pipelines to ensure a proper operation in your pipelines. Or visit our website for more information about cheap draining services in Luxembourg.