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Risks and Rewards of Being a Care Worker for the Elderly

With the likes of TAFE Queensland Brisbane online educational institutions, becoming a certified care worker for the elderly based on your own schedule is now possible. But before enrolling in one of the related courses to gain your certification, you must be well aware of the risks and rewards of your future career. Keep in mind that you must accept the risks just as much as you will enjoy the rewards – truly, a good balance to strive for in any career.

Rewards of the Job

Care workers for the elderly, also known as home health aides in a few places, usually assist elderly people as well as people who have physical or mental disabilities or who are chronically ill. Their most common clients, however, are elderly people living either in assisted-living homes or in their own private homes while many others may require assistance in healthcare facilities including hospitals.

While taking care of the elderly may initially appear unrewarding especially considering the difficulties encountered especially with people who have physical or mental disabilities, keep in mind that you are doing a noble service for them and their families. Your clients and their families will appreciate your compassion for them and your competence for your job, a reward unto itself considering that a successful career is not just about the money earned but the affection, trust and respect enjoyed by both parties.

And speaking of money, care workers typically receive an average of AU$18.96 per hour, a good wage considering that getting a certification and a job are relatively easy for them. You can earn as much as AUS$48,000 a year depending on your company, geographical location, and experience.

Depending on your workplace environment, you will also enjoy other perks of the job. For example, you can work in a private home where your board and lodging are already provided for by your employer. This means you can save more money because these basic needs have largely been shouldered by your employer.

You will also be part of a healthcare team that looks after your client’s overall well-being. Your co-workers/supervisors can include your client’s doctor, nurse and physical therapist as well as his/her family members.

The challenges of the job may also change on a daily basis. You may never have to endure another boring day again as an care worker although you must also adopt a positive attitude to cope with these challenges.

Risks of the Job

Fortunately, the few risks of the job make the many rewards of the job well worth it. Your job as a care worker for the elderly can be physically and emotionally demanding particularly when performing certain tasks. These include moving clients in and out of bed, assisting them as they try to stand or walk, and bathing them, among others.

You may also be exposed to difficult behaviours, minor infections, and communicable diseases. But with the appropriate compassionate attitude and safety measures, you can effectively deal with these challenges.

Now that you have a basic idea of the risks and rewards of being a care worker for the elderly, you can make a more informed decision.