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Sharing the History of Your Organisation with Employees

So that your employees can appreciate the hard work you have put into your organisation, you may want to share the history of your company with all new employees as they begin working for you. They will have a much better appreciation for you as the executive of the company if they can hear directly from you about the process you had to follow to get your business where it is today. Besides sharing an oral history with them, you’ll want to hire a team of transcription services professionals to record your dialogue so that a printed copy can be kept in your corporate library to share long after you have retired; leaving a legacy can be advantageous to those leaders who carry on company traditions with new employees as they come aboard. When you have video or audio recordings that must be transcribed you should consider using professionals to handle this task for your organisation.


  • When you as a business owner use transcription services to record the oral history that you share with employees, you don’t have to try to recall the details that happened during a particular year or transitional period; you’ll have the details transcribed so that you can easily refer to the documents before your next presentation. Staff members will enjoy seeing how your company has progressed through the years and how they can play an important part in its future success.
  • To have an accurate and reliable record of your oral presentation, you should use transcription services; these professionals are well-trained and experienced in listening to and recording the facts in a credible manner.
  • When you hire transcription services to be done by a team of professionals outside your company you will be provided with quick turnaround time, more accurate results, and a wider range of formats that can be accommodated. The customised services that you can receive will organise your oral history for future generations to experience as they learn more about their new workplace.
  • If you have the mistakes that you made as a young entrepreneur accurately documented, your company can avoid repeating history and can effectively move into a more competitive stance in the marketplace. Making sure that all employees have knowledge of where your company has been can provide the right path forward for them and your leadership team.
  • It always pays to have a back-up plan and even though technology is amazing, when it doesn’t work you can rely on your hard copies to continue your plans for presentations and the review of material that you want to include. Proper cataloguing of your documents along with your video and audio files is essential for retrieving presentations for future use.

Presenting an oral history at business meetings, training sessions, and orientation sessions will make an impact on your new employees but having the written presentation to share with them in your business library places valuable information in their hands whenever it is convenient for them to peruse.



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