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Review of QVOD Player

QVOD Technology Inc. develop a cross platform software known as Qvod Playerthat allows users to access or stream all type of video formats . It is completelyfree software and any people can it from internet. By using Qvod player users can play larger amount of formats. In recent days Qvod player gain much more popularity in all over the world. Qvod player is developed with an intuitive interface. That why it’s interface is quit clear and easily comprehended. The company develop it with various security measures and that’s why we can say Qvod player is the best and secure software for streaming and accessing various formats videos.The features and setting of software is easy and anyone can learn to start this.


Most of the people use the Qvod player for downloading movies from the internet. Qvod player is the Chinese based program. Many times my mother use this player for downloading movies. Net tasks , playlists and Channels are the three tabs that tagged on Qvod player. But their is one problems arises that the items in the Net tasks tab such as download completed or paused will disappears after some period .What shouldI do in this situation?

It is always advisable to install a reliable and best antimalware scanner. By installing the anti malware scanner you can scan your computer and can remove Qvod and other applications (applications which have some malware and creating trouble) automatically.  You can alsotroubleshoot your problems manually.  Instructions for manually removing are given below. Below this article we have given the comment box for users . If any people have any query or problem than they can contact with us by leaving comment in the box.

Features and Capabilities:

Works with numerous video and audio formats – swf, avi, flv, wma, mkv, wmv, dat, mp3, vob, mp4, qt etc.

Designed to be easy for an untrained user to use;

User-friendly and clear interface;

Well-equippedand functional;

Larger public are aimed

You can download and  use  this application free of cost.

This application is useful and best for those users who are searching the media player which have all features and easy intuitive. Qvod player includes all features that people require. Most of similar software have not all those features that Qvod player have. By using Qvod player you can stream and access all video formats.The program of Qvod player is only understood in Chinese language. But you  can understand the program by using translator by using translator you can understand and learn all about its option and menus in your language.