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Let Brother Take Care of Your Business Printing

Laser printers are preferred over the inkjet because they provide businesses with a number of crucial advantages. They are faster, more efficient, and durable. These make them popular in business and office establishments where demand for speed and volume printing is high. But a previous setback of old laser printers is that they could only print in monochrome or black and white. With technological advancements, there are now laser printers equipped with colored toners and are able to produce colored prints and copies. With technological advancements, there are now laser printers equipped with colored toners and are able to produce colored prints and copies. Digital ID’s Contractor ID System is one of the best example of this technology.

One of the leading brands when it comes to printers is Brother. The company boasts a long list of Brother color laser printers which can satisfy not only the printing but communication needs as well of households and offices. For the best Brother Laser Printers pay a visit to who offer the Brother hll8250 at the best online price available today.

Beneficial Features of Brother Color Laser Printers

– High Speed Printing. Depending on the model, the printing speed ranges from 18 – 32ppm or prints per minute applicable for both monochrome and colored prints. It is certainly much faster if you are printing pure text documents or when the toner saving mode is set.

– Automatic Duplex Printing. Duplex printing simply means producing a back-to-back print or copy of the document. Conventional printers and copiers will require you to manually guide or flip the paper to be able to do this. But with Brother, this can be automatically done by the color printer/copier.

– Wireless PC or Desktop Connection. Wired connection with these color laser printers won’t be a problem because of their built-in 802.11 wireless network connection. This is ideal for two or more computers which are sharing on a single printer in a LAN or local area network.

– Mobile Device Connection through Wi-Fi. The latest models of Brother laser printers are also capable of directly connecting to a mobile device like an iPhone or Smartphone through Wi-Fi. This enables instant printing of images you have on your mobile device.

– All-In-One Function. Brother is one of the pioneers in introducing all-in-one printing and communication capabilities. Aside from providing monochrome and colored prints, Brother’s all-in-one printers also serve additional functions such as copying, scanning, and serving as fax machines.

– High Resolution Printing. Another benefit of using Brother color laser printers is the clearer prints produced. Brother laser printers have a 600 x 2400 dpi resolution which is quite high for the laser printing class.

– Low-Cost Color Printing. Aside from being fast, colored laser printers are also cheap when the cost per print is calculated and compared to inkjet prints. This makes it ideal for businesses wanting to lower down their operating expenses.

Gauging the Quality of Colored Prints

Of course, the primary consideration when buying a color laser printer is the need for a quick colored print. But does the quality match those produced by an inkjet printer? Brother color laser printers produce rich and saturated prints. The resolution is also excellent. But when you ask experts or by simply comparing images produced by a laser printer and inkjet or conventional photo printers, the latter stands out. The main drawback of colored images produced by laser printers is that they lack that luster and shine. This can be explained by the fact that laser printers even the colored ones use powder-based toners.