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Condos in Chiang Mai

There are lots of terrific property options in Thailand, and one of the most popular places that people search when looking for a great home in the land of Smiles is the northern gem of Chiang Mai.  Chiang Mai offers lots of housing options, including both properties to buy and to rent.  There are many beautiful houses, apartments, and condos in Chiang Mai, and, unlike other types of home, it is fairly easy for a foreigner to actually buy a condo and own it outright.

If you are thinking about buying a condo in Chiang Mai it is important that you check the property’s status.  Only places that have been registered in law as a condominium building can sell the individual units to foreigners.  Otherwise, with regular apartments, a foreigner must use a different mechanism if they wish to actually own the property in their own name or alternatively opt for a rental contract.  Of course, it is still possible for you to rent a condo too – there is no obligation to actually buy your home!

Condos make for a pleasant living environment, and they are usually designed to maximise light and space to create a really comfortable home.  Many buildings have extra features for residents’ benefit.  These may include high-tech security systems, elevators, sprinkler systems, fire alarms, warden services, buzzer entry doors, communal gardens, swimming pools for residents to use as they wish, parking lots, and so on.  There is also typically a system in place to ensure cleaning of communal areas, such as stairwells, corridors, and common rooms, as well as robust contracts for maintenance and repairs.

Many people think that condos are small, but this is not necessarily true.  You can find condos with a different number of rooms and sizes.  It is also possible to find places that are both furnished and unfurnished, depending on your preferences.  Perhaps you would prefer to have minimal fuss and hassle and move into a place that is all kitted out ready for someone to live.  On the other hand, you may like to choose your own furnishings and colour schemes to really make your own mark on your new home.  Either way, you will find somewhere great that more than meets your needs and requirements.

Living in a condo means that you have many people close to hand – it is a perfect way to meet new people and make new friends.  This can be a really important factor for somebody who is new to a particular area and wants to socialise with others.

Condo buildings are also usually in very good locations, with good transportation links close to hand a wide range of facilities and amenities within easy reach.  It is not uncommon for buildings to have laundry rooms and small convenience stores either onsite or right next door.

There are several professional companies and agents who can help you to find the perfect condos in Chiang Mai for you – why not have a look and chat with an experienced property adviser to start living the life that you have always dreamed about?