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Bluehost is in my opinion at this moment the best hosting company out there, with their 50% off Bluehost Coupon, simple destroy their competitions and why is that, simply what others offer, you can get with Bluehost Coupon for half of the price and still you will get more than with other companies, but if you are still skeptical then read from users that are already on Bluehost and I am sure that you will immediately click on and get your 50% off Bluehost Coupon. Enjoy in the testimonials.

First testimonial

Globally, I was very satisfied with Bluehost.

Support: So far, I have not seen such a great customer support. People on lie support were very helpful even though I’m a beginner, and they gave me basic advice on what I should accomplish even when I decided to change host (reasons later).

Uptime and speed: I did not notice any issue with this aspect of hosting. My website isn’t a behemoth, though, so I can’t testify so much on that part.

Value: As a renewing customer, I was a bit disappointed by the price they offered me for a 3 years hosting. I was seeing better offers elsewhere (and even for Bluehost NEW customers) so I decided to leave. The customer support did try to find a way to keep me, but it was not enough.

Globally, if you’re ok with the price, go all in. They’re great!

Second testimonial

I’ve been a BlueHost subscriber for the past 3 years and have had an excellent experience through them. When I first subscribed it was a matter of pricing->feature value, but the cPanel experience was weak and the upgrade process was hit and miss. Over the past three years BlueHost has resolved any issues I had with them. They’re cPanel is greatly improved, they’re feature set is much broader with few limitations, and with their new reseller account options I can host clients without any of the problems I used to run in to.

BlueHost’s cPanel in particular is where the best value comes. When I started my subscription with them I was less than savvy about many things relating to hosting or marketing or anything else that would otherwise lead to solid web presence. There are many included tools and promotions that BlueHost provides with the subscription that put me on the right track and led to more opportunities as I matured. Technical expertise is not a requirement as BlueHost has most of those tools available to you, but there is still enough flexibility for more savvy developers to get their hands dirty. The only one quorum I have is a lack of root level access, but that isn’t a dealbreaker for myself personally.

Overall I’d consider BlueHost as one of my favorite webhosts. There are others I’ve tried, but BlueHost has been the most reliable and their customer service team has always been quick and knowledgeable. For those who want a simple but reliable experience then BlueHost is the way to go; those who want complete control over their experience may not like how BlueHost does things.

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