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Do You Actually Require an Insurance Cover?

In order to get a vehicle registered in New York, you need have Liability coverage in New York.  In case you do not maintain such an insurance cover, then DMY can end up suspending the registration of your vehicle along with your driving license.

What are the exact kinds of insurance covers that one might need

Liability coverage in New York requires one to have auto liability insurance cover.  The min amount of the liability coverage is as follows:

  • $10000 for a single accident that ends up causing property damage
  • $50000 for the death of a person and $25000 in case of bodily injuries occurring  because of the accident
  • $50000 for two people suffering from bodily injury
  • $100000 for two people meeting death

The ;liability insurance cover that you resort for must:

  • Remain effective when the registration is validated even if you are not using the vehicle (there are certain exceptions in case of motorbikes).
  • It must be the new York state insurance cover that has been issued by a licensed company and is certified.
  • The name of the vehicle along with the registration number must be intact

The department of financial service website in new York contains much more information about the liability insurance and licensed insurance companies of new York.

Is it allowed to get more than one name registered for a single vehicle?

Yes, the liability coverage in New York allows you to get the name of more than just one person registered. Both the co-registrant and the primary registrant`s name must be clearly mentioned in the application.  They must also provide their identity proofs along with exact date of birth and photographs.

Does a person require having an insurance cover in order get the vehicle registered?

Yes, there is a need of auto liability insurance cover in order to get an y vehicle registered in new York. As soon as one gets the insurance, the insurance company shall issue the proof in dual ways:

-impart you with two originals NYS ID cards

-send a digital notice of the insurance cover to the DMV

The electronic notice along with the NYS ID card together verifies the insurance coverage of a person.  The vehicle must be registered within 45days of purchase.  One must bring a copy of insurance identification card along with other important documents. The DMV office shall keep it as the proof of the insurance.

The insurance card must have the same name as the application for registration arrays. You must note that DMV shall not accept any card if the barcode scanner is unable to read the barcode present over it. No one can betray the law of New York. Hence; single question of deceit does not arise.

None of the out-of-state insurance cover is accepted by New York insurance coverage policies. If your vehicle has been registered in New York, then only you shall get the claim for the liabilities arising at New York.