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5 tips for selling your car online
Sell your car online

5 tips for selling your car online

Are you looking to sell your car quickly online? If so, you’ll need to make your advertisement as eye catching and engaging as possible! Below we’ve shared some of our top tips for selling your car online…

Sell your car online

Sell your car online

Do your research

Our first tip is to do your homework. The more information you know about your car the better. Make sure you know it’s year, make and model, how many miles per gallon it does and the average selling price for it’s current condition.

You’ll need this information when it comes to writing your online advertisement and knowing what it is worth will also help you decide on the amount you want to get for your car and the lowest price you’re willing to go.

Get the vehicle history

Whilst you may think it’s better to leave out the vehicle’s history, especially if it’s not in your best interest to share it, giving potential buyers a run down of the car’s history will give you credibility and help you to earn their trust. It’s also fairly easy for buyers to get hold of vehicle history reports, so you may as well be up front about it.

It’s also a good idea to get hold of your car’s service history as it will show buyers that it’s been looked after properly. Make sure you get all of the paperwork together to show the buyer. Put it in chronological order and stick it in a ring binder and you’ll make it a whole lot easier for buyers to find the information they need.

Clean it

Dirty cars are a big turn off, so before listing your car online, make sure you give it a good clean. Start with clearing out your belongings and giving the inside a wipe and hoover before moving onto the outside of the car. Once you’ve given it a wash, grab a microfibre cloth and give it a good buffing. This will create a shiny finish and make your car look newer.

Take good quality pictures

When you ask yourself “how do I sell my car”, you have to remember that your pictures and descriptions are all people have to go on. The photos you’ve taken of your car could be the deciding factor on whether a potential buyer makes an enquiry or moves onto the next listing, so you need to make sure your photos are of a high standard.

You don’t need expensive camera equipment to take good quality pictures; your smartphone camera will do just fine. Just make sure that you take shots of your car from different angles and include close-ups of any important details. The more pictures you include with your listing online, the more likely people are to be interested in buying your car.

You might get more money if you sell your car online

You might get more money if you sell your car online

Write a detailed description

Like with your pictures, the description you write for your car is what’s going to either make potential buyers pick up the phone and give you a call or move on to the next advert. When it comes to writing an online advertisement for your car, you have to be meticulous in your description. The more information you give the buyer, the less chance you will have of them being put off by something on the day they view it in person.

For example, if there are a couple of chips in the paintwork, it’s definitely worth mentioning them so buyers are not surprised on the day. If they see it in the description and still give you a call, it proves they’re not too bothered about minor imperfections.

Be as honest as you can in your description as lying about your car’s condition is only going to end up wasting both your time and the buyer’s time.


Selling your car online is quick, convenient and pretty straightforward. Providing you create a good quality advert featuring great images and a detailed description, there’s no reason why you won’t get plenty of interest in your vehicle.