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Can Multiple Locks Use the Same Key?

Can Multiple Locks Use the Same Key?

Every person wants to improve on security. To achieve this, the first thing involves installing locks that cannot be opened by someone else who does not have the key. If you install several locks in your office or home, you will be required to have their keys. This means the more the locks, the more the keys and the likelihood of carrying heavy keys for that matter. But with technology available, it is easy to open many locks installed with a single key. Well, this might sound funny but talking to an expert locksmith will do the trick. But can you make multiple locks use the same key? Here are the solutions.

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The Master Key

Master keying is the most apparent arrangement if you want to have a simple key for different padlocks. This is ideal for apartment blocks. If you get a master key, you will open the doors and even cabinets. But even in this arrangement, each door or locks will still have its unique key. For example, your maids’ bedroom will have their original keys, but you will still have the master key which can open the maid’s room. The main reason people use the master keys is the fact that the master keys offers privacy and allows one to know what is happening.


If you do not want to buy new locks, you will be forced to call the locksmith to re-key all locks. In a similar arrangement, you can call the expert to your house, or remove the locks and then take them to a service center. The process involves the expert setting all the locks in such a manner that after rekeying the locks, you can now open them using one key. The only setback with this arrangement is when you get to work with a locksmith who cannot be trusted because they know the settings and can open your doors. Besides, it saves the costs of buying new locks.

People will choose to re-key their locks for convenience purposes. Because several locks can be rekeyed to use the same key, the main key becomes the master key. It is the best alternative because you will not be forced to change the entire locks. The process can be done within a shortest time and at a fraction of the total cost. Work with an expert locksmith who knows the ways to re-key so that you get quality jobs.

Matching Locks

You can make multiple locks use the same key if you buy matching locks in sets. The process does not need experts. You will only visit a locksmith shop, and then buy locks that are designed to use a single key. The best thing is that manufacturers know some people need this and have released them to the market. In addition, even if you buy them, you will have easy times installing in your house. You save money because you can do the installation without hiring locksmiths. You will save a lot because you choose locks which you can manage.