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5 Digital Tools to Keep Entrepreneurs Productive

Today’s economy is relying on entrepreneurs, who are not only portrayed to be the future of the global economy but also the solution to recovery from recessions. While entrepreneurship is clearly the way to a better future, there is also a need to have digital tools and sites which help entrepreneurs build up and be more productive. Owning your own business is tough; getting whatever advantages you can find is essential to staying productive and profitable. There are many different types of digital tools on the market; the right tools can help set you apart from your competition. Let’s take a look at some integral features and services for entrepreneurs and the best digital tools on the market to consider today.


One of the most essential features of any business or entrepreneurship is the ability to create proper invoices. Timely invoices help ensure that you get paid on time; an invoicing service underscores the fact that your business is professional and organized. Aynax is an online invoicing software that offers a free invoice template that is your ticket to getting paid on time. As an entrepreneur, you can create your invoices online at and digitally deliver your clients a branded invoice.


One of the biggest digital tools for communication is Skype. Offering free video calls, Skype acts as the perfect communication tool and gives entrepreneurs the chance to link up with investors, clients, staff members and other stakeholders at no extra cost and no hassle. It also allows voice chat and instant messaging. All you need as an entrepreneur is a proper internet connection, the Skype app on your phone or laptop and that’s it. You can now do business face-to-face without physically being in the same location.


Time management is an essential part of entrepreneurship. Consider an online tool that simplifies scheduling meetings, interviews, calls and appointments. Calendy is one option that makes it easy to manage a packed schedule. When you’re scheduling a meeting, you can send an invitation to the person you’re connecting with. They’ll be able to view open windows in your schedule and select one that’s right for them.

Website Creation

In today’s digital environment, every business needs a website. As an entrepreneur, you’re more aware of what the right type of website can do for you. It can raise your business visibility, help you attract leads, and give you credibility when you’re speaking with different prospective clients or investors. One of the best digital tools when it comes to website creation is Weebly, a drag and drop interface that’s used for start-ups.


As a start-up entrepreneur, you probably don’t have a lot of cash lying around. Even so, you need to get all your legalities sorted from properly registering your business to potentially trademarking brand new ideas. Lawyers don’t exactly come cheap, but thankfully for you, lawyer-style digital apps do. LegalZoom is one option that allows you to manage a variety of legal tasks on your own at a price that startup entrepreneurs can afford.

Are you a brand new entrepreneur or a business that’s growing? Finding efficiencies in your schedule is essential. Digital tools can play a role in doing that.

About the author: Andreas Ullrich is an entrepreneur who enjoys sharing his top tips for productivity, idea generation, and growing your business.