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4 Tips for Supply Chain Management

4 Tips for Supply Chain Management

One of the biggest pitfalls of a business is supply chain management. If you don’t handle this part of your business properly, you’re putting your enterprise at risk because your products will not reach the consumers at the right time and location. Meeting demand is essential for success. There are several ways by which you can improve on your supply chain management such as choosing a supplier strategy company to manage your transportation logics, segmenting your supply base and establishing standard protocols and metrics for efficient supply. Let’s take a look at four of the important points you need to look into to transform your business from mediocre to rising star in terms of supply chain management.

Choosing a Supplier Strategy

There are many different supplier strategies out there, all of which give you a chance to further your business by looking into your supply chain either vertically or laterally. How can you improve your supply chain to ensure products of the right quality get to consumers at the right time and place? A good distribution strategy can be an essential part of your supplier strategy, and aids in improving on the current supply chain management principles followed. A professional supply strategy company can help to manage your transportation logistics.

Establishing Supply Chain Metrics

When you look into supply chain metrics, most companies either don’t have them or don’t follow them. In any business, supply chain metrics are integral to ensure that everything is done in the right manner and all protocols are followed to ensure the metric values are met. Some integral supply chain metrics include perfect order fulfillment, ROWC (Return on Working Capital) and cycle times.  When the right supply chain metrics are identified and followed, then opportunities for the betterment of the Supply Chain arise.

Using the Right Software

In many companies, supply chain management tends to become difficult over time since there is no proper software package to keep checks on the different aspects of the supply chain. Try to obtain the right software for your industry, which will help you see what has come in, what’s going out, work in progress and other details that keep the engine of your business running smoothly. All you need to do is buy a general package and bring in someone to tweak it so its fits within the core elements of your supply chain.

Segmenting Your Supply Base

One of the integral features of supply chain management is the supply base. Take a look into how you can segment this supply base so that each segment gives you what you need. Segmenting of the supply base is considered to be one of the core elements of a business to add to its scope for success. There’s space for innovators, distributors, retailers, researchers and more, depending on the way the segments are created. In this manner, you can not only manage your supply chain efficiently, but you can also get more out of it.

Establishing a clear process for managing your supply chain can turn around your company’s performance and help assure you of success. Consider hiring a professional supply management company to handle your firm’s transportation logistics.

About the author: Larry Wu is a transportation logistics specialist. He cover issues related to industry and supply chain management for a range of publications.