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Why Team Building Works | Jambar Team Building

Why Team Building Works | Jambar Team Building

Introduce Yourself Again

Office life is hectic and ever changing especially in the Singapore society whereby our country is a melting pot for the assimilation of different cultures. Everybody introduces themselves at first, but not everyone remembers in the long run. Therefore, team building provides an opportunity to reach out to others – to refresh their memory or to let them know who you are. Sometimes, all it takes is a simple greeting to get things started.

One common office misconception is that it’s better to stick with your own department. Many departments often need to work and have collaborative discussions together. Staying in your comfort zone with your clique will only make communication between departments more strained and less effective.

Conversation Starters

Whether you’re in the office or at a party, starting a good conversation is not easy. Awkwardness and tasks deadlines usually destroy all forms of inherent motivations of having to socialize. Team building programmes can be designed as such that it acts as a good form ice breaker. Games are an effective tool to encourage small talk, allowing people to communicate more freely. Certain activities are tailored to get people talking about themselves and others. These are avenues to get to know each other more on a personal level thus providing a better understanding of each other’s background of how they communicate and how they perform at work.

Hitting It Off

Most of the times, people walk away from these games with a new found buddy in hand. These people may have been cubicle neighbors from the start but have yet to hit it off before joining team building activities. They lacked what was mentioned above – an opportunity to get to know each other. With a little help from the games, and time spent outside the office they started talking and building good relations with one another on a personal level which can be further extended to a professional level. Both eager and effective, they can be of great help to the company. Voila! A new dream team has just been formed.

The After Effect

Happiness and good vibes are often contagious. After returning from a good break, the positive effects are usually quite obvious. Favorable moods will eventually translate into work performance. This is consistent with various studies suggesting that high productivity in an office is directly associated with overall job satisfaction. And team buildings activities contribute do contribute to an employee’s overall job satisfaction.

Do note that team building exercises are also a good way to collect feedback about the company. Such information can then be reviewed to further increase the employee’s overall satisfaction. In the end, team building is more than just fun and games. It’s about relationship building, breaking down the barriers and getting to know one another.

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