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Why Organization is Good For Business, And Can Be Achieved With Software

It was once said that “Organization isn’t about perfection. It’s about efficiency, reducing stress and clutter, saving time and money, and improving your overall quality of life.”  If this is true, why don’t more store owners invest in organization?

Many people believe they don’t have the knack for organization. They watch others breeze through their tasks and assume they’re just naturally blessed with abilities and talents that enable them to manage a busy schedule.

The secret to their success is not a well-kept secret that allows them to be efficient; it’s actually just great organization. Shocked? There’s no way organization alone is the source of their success. Or is it?

It may not be the sole source, but you can bet it contributes to 90% of their efficiency. If you’re ready to stop wasting time and join those successful peers you’ve envied for so long, here are some great tips on how to start organizing your liquor and wine store and increase overall efficiency.

Inventory Management

Organized liquor and wine stores will always have good control over their inventory. At a moment’s notice they can tell you how much of a product has sold, how much has been ordered, and the current quantity they have available in their stores. If prompted, could you do that?

Probably not. Maybe after an hour of rifling through order receipts or going through spreadsheets you could come up with an answer, but by then precious time has already been wasted.

Luckily, mPower Beverage offers excellent liquor and wine store inventory control software that not only manages your current inventory, but also automatically updates it according to daily transactions and orders received. Never again will you have to manually enter inventory into a spreadsheet or manually process orders. You can do it all from one dashboard, on any computer, and at any location.

You simply log in to your store’s secure dashboard, find what you’re looking for, and then go about your business. Imagine what you could do with all that extra time NOT spent on inventory!

Revenue Management

Organization is MANDATORY when tracking your store’s revenue. It is important to keep detailed and accurate records of income and expenses to provide you with an accurate number of how much revenue the company earns during a given time period, as well as, how much it spends on various products and services.

With this information, you or your bookkeeper can figure out where to reduce expenses to boost the company’s margins and profitability. You can also identify product trends and make sound decisions during the ordering process.

mPower Beverage software provides a great solution to your store’s disorganized revenue records by automatically recording every transaction that occurs in your store. Since your cashiers will be required to use mPower Beverage’s liquor store POS software during every check out, you can rest assured there will be no errors; just accurate, detailed accounts of every transaction that goes on in your store.

As an added bonus, when you want to analyze this data for a given period, mPower Beverage liquor store POS software will aggregate each item and put it into a neatly arranged, concise report for you to look over. No more wasting time calculating numbers or accounting for human error, mPower Beverage can provide you with your revenue history instantly.

Prepare Your Business With Organization

What is the main difference between being disorganized and organized? It is being reactive rather than proactive. If you’re constantly putting out “business fires” or having to take extra steps to complete a task or satisfy a customer, you’re wasting valuable time that could be used to complete your other mandatory tasks.

This is why finding a system to organize your business is crucial for any liquor and wine store owner. Stores with a strong organizational system can easily access the information they need and solve various problems when they arise with no fuss or extra steps. It’s an efficiency goldmine!

Not to mention, your customers will be happy too with the excellent customer service you are now able to provide. Fast answers when they want them, not when it’s convenient for you to find the answer.

So what are you waiting for? Stop wasting time. Get organized!