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What to Look For In Your Banner

Buying outdoor banners is not something you should leave to the last minute, or something that you can cobble up without too much thought. To get your unique message across you should have a clear idea of what you are trying to do. Today there are different types of banners for different situations. Before crafting your banner, you should ask yourself a few questions. Do you want a heavy duty banner that can sit out for only a few weeks, but can be used year in, year out? Alternatively, do you want a lightweight, colorful banner that will stay up for few months?

Maybe you want to put together an outdoor banner to announce an upcoming sale, and you want to hang it over Main Street. Maybe you are planning a sponsorship banner that can easily hang on the fence of local baseball park, whether it is a collegiate, little league or professional ballpark. Whatever your needs be sure to choose the right material and design so that your banners are effective and long lasting.

Let’s have a close look at some essential elements to consider before you design and order your banners:

Keep Your Banner as Simple as Possible

It is tempting to go crazy and make your banner an explosion of colors and details for all eyes to see. Instead, focus should be on toning it down. Put your event name, location, date, and precise contact information. You can add some graphic elements, such as a photo or a logo. Usually, people do not read much copy, especially when they are driving, so keep it simple. You want the viewers of your banner to be able to zero in on the targeted message that your banner presents. This will help you in attracting more eyeballs.

Choose Right Material For Your Banners

If you are planning to hang them across Main Street for any festival, they should be durable and heavy enough to withstand high winds. If they are outfield banners, they should be made from lightweight mesh. Avoid using heavy material as it will get ripped off the outfield wall when heavy winds blow through. Choosing the wrong material can create many problems, so it is best to seek recommendations from your sign maker.

You Should Also Choose the Right Contrast

It is an important design element. High contrast colors work best as they can be seen from a distance. For instance, green letters on red banners are awful and hard to see. These two colors are not different enough to be easily readable. Instead, choose colors such as yellow or orange on a blue background, or dark blue on a white background.

These Days You Can Use Full Color

Want a beautiful photo for a backdrop, or want to use unique colors in the background? Not a problem. Whatever you can print on your printer at home can be easily put onto any outdoor banner material. Sign makers use sophisticated printers that are as efficient as laser printers and can bring your design to life.

Appropriate Hanging Usage

Many banners use a pole pocket for hanging. Grommets are also a possibility, or you can use a nylon rope as it can be easily sewn into a banner’s pole pocket. This rope can then be tied to fence posts. Your outdoor banners will make a big impression on people. Make sure you take all these elements into consideration while designing and creating your next outdoor banner.

There you have it, important things to consider when making your banner choices. If you have any specific questions, your local or online banner maker should be able to help you out further. If you’re looking to place an order, there are excellent websites out there to have your custom-made delivery sent right out to you such as Don’t let hesitation and inexperience stop you from getting your message out there for the world to see.

The writer, Edrick Hypolite, helps out friends and coworkers with event planning, and knows full well the value of getting signs up in high traffic areas to spread awareness about an event, sale, or other information. To learn more about Edrick you can visit him on Google+.