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What Options Are Out There For Locksmith Schooling

What Options Are Out There For Locksmith Schooling

Locksmith Schooling – Options Available

We spoke the other day with the professinal locksmiths over at Columbus Locksmith Pros about what kind of schooling options there are for locksmiths. We hope this info helps you on your way.

Locks are found everywhere and this makes locksmithing a great career. Today, with good schooling, the services of a locksmith goes beyond the lock and key and cuts through a number of sectors including commercial, residential, automotive or government. To this end, the day-to-day services of a locksmith will vary greatly. The emergence of new and technologically advanced locks have evoked the need for locksmith schooling. Basically, a locksmith makes and repairs locks. There are locksmith schools everywhere in America making it convenient for all Americans to study locksmithing.

What Options Are Out There For Locksmith Schooling

Basically, individuals with a passion for locksmithing can use four avenues to study locksmithing. The avenue you choose will depend on the convenience it gives you and the locksmithing you want to practice; whether commercial, residential government or automotive. These options are:

1. Correspondence Training

Correspondence training is more or less like distance training only that in correspondence training, the lessons are sent through mail and you have to complete a given course to be graded. Usually, you will be mailed the locksmith studycar_key_training_locksmiths manual, a test and any other required materials and learning resources. You will study through the materials mailed, do the test and mail it back to be graded. You will be awarded a certificate on completion of the course and passing of the test above the set pass mark.

There are a number of correspondence locksmith schools for Americans. Some of the popular schools include:

  • Assured Business Group in Holmes Beach, Florida
  • Ashworth College in Norcross GA
  • Education Learning Direct in Scranton PA
  • Golden Gate School of Locksmithing in Oakland CA

2. Online Training

This is by far the most convenient locksmith schooling option. You can access the course from any part of the world and you can study at your time of convenience. Different schools offer different online learning modes; while some email you the lessons, others offer on-site training. Whichever method the school uses, there is a plethora of material to use in online locksmith training including eBooks, videos, articles and many more. You may be awarded a certificate or not depending on the school you enroll and the locksmithing you want to practice. There are a number of factors to consider while choosing an online locksmith school. These include the resources available for studying, the range of courses offered in relation to what you want and whether a certificate is offered after the course.

There are a number of online locksmithing schools you can enroll in. They include:

  • Ashworth College
  • Associated Locksmiths of America

3. Resident (Classroom) Training

This is a great option as you will have access to a variety of tools required for locksmithing. Popular schools have locksmithing workshops where you have classes. The practical aspect of the course is very crucial and with resident training, you have a high chance of getting fine locksmithing skills thanks to the advanced facilities. Besides, you are guaranteed of a certificate after completion of the course. Below are some of the popular schools in this category:

  • Abram Friedman Occupational Center in Los Angeles
  • American Locksmith Institute of Nevada in Henderson, Nevada
  • Arizona School of Locksmithing in Phoenix, AZ
  • California Institute of Locksmithing in Van Nouys, CA
  • Charles Stuart School in Brooklyn New York
  • Colorado Locksmith College in Westminster, CO

There are many resident locksmith schools and all you need to do is choose a school near you for convenience.

4. Traveling Resident Locksmith Training

This is more like a locksmithing workshop or conference. You study in a class in sponsored sites in different parts of the country. This brings the school closer to the people. In most cases, the training is brief and takes a maximum of five days. After the course, you can get a locksmithing certificate and start practising. Like in resident training, you interact directly with your tutor and you have access to required tools to enhance your skills.

Some of the traveling resident schools include:

  • Associated Locksmiths of America in Dallas, TX
  • Lockmasters in Nicholasville, Kentucky
  • MBA USA, Inc in Nicholasville, Kentucky

How Long Does it Take to Study Locksmithing

The fees and the duration of study varies greatly in different schools. However, studying locksmithing should take a minimum of 5 weeks and a maximum of 25 weeks. The duration should not matter as long as the school provides value and has good learning facilities to enhance your locksmithing skills. You can however compare the fees charged by different schools.