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Ways to Negotiate to Get the Condo that You Want at a Price You Can Afford

Ways to Negotiate to Get the Condo that You Want at a Price You Can Afford

Your soon-to-be condominium is perfect. It has a convenient location, peaceful environment, and wide-ranging amenities. The only thing you are worried about is its rental price. It exceeds the maximum rental fee that you are willing to pay, yet you are more reluctant to once again go through the whole process of new condo launch hunting. Instead of being discouraged, why not take this opportunity to turn the table around? Use some negotiation tips in order to persuade the landlord that you both of you can settle to a much affordable rate for your dream condominium. Check out the tips below for more details on how to negotiate to get the new condo launch:

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  • Take advantage of your strengths

Before meeting with the landlord, prep yourself on how you can convince him or her that you are worth his trust. If possible, support your case with documents and evidences that you send timely payments and that you see to it that the property is well taken care of at all times. Ask for testimonials from your former landlords that you are one of his nicest tenants and how you always comply with rules. Build a rapport with your new landlord so he can have a good understanding of your situation as to why you cannot afford to shell out a higher rental fee for the home. This way, in case you get the rental fee that you want, future negotiations will be more comfortable and less formal.

  • Don’t present your best offer first

During negotiations, the landlord could assume that you’re asking for more than you can get so he or she might try to ask for an increase to your first offer. When this happens, you might be stuck to a rental fee that you still could not afford so try to present a much cheaper offer at first.

  • Submit an offer letter

Present a well-written and carefully planned letter, explaining your offer price. This is to help the landlord know that you spend time and effort to do some research in order to prepare a reasonable offer price.  The offer price should not only be based on what you can pay for but should also be close to the previous rates in the sales history of other units in the building. In case it gets pre-approved, offer a generous amount of deposit to secure the property. Once both of you have settled to an agreement, ask for the landlord to sign a longer term. This way, you can safeguard each other’s interest and you will no longer have to worry about re-negotiating with the landlord in the next couple of years.


  • Stay neutral

Don’t be too excited or enthusiastic about the new launch condo. You should be composed and articulate so the landlord will be more willing to discuss your options during the negotiation. Keep the conversation’s tone friendly yet professional.

  • Trade off

If you ran out of cards to win the condo that you want, refocus the issue on the list of improvements that the property needs.  For example, the walls need to be repainted, the television set is outdated, and the condo has no laundry area, and so on. These improvements will make your landlord see why you do not see the need to pay for a much higher fee for the property.

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