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Torrents VPN Service

If you want to protect your privacy over the internet, then Torrents VPN service will be the right thing to use as millions of users use VPN services to protect their privacies. However, not all VPNs are as anonymous as one might hope.

Some VPN services keep user’s IP Address for weeks. So the next thing you should always keep in mind is to check how secure VPNs really are. For this you can check their logging policies and more.

In the current era, many internet users are quite well aware of the fact that whatever they do on internet, whichever site they browse, each and every step which they are taking on internet is being logged or monitored.

To prevent their IPs from being visible on the Internet, many people have started using the VPN services because by using a VPN you can use the internet anonymously and it also helps to prevent snooping. Yet, another fact is that unluckily, not every VPN service is as anonymous as they claim to be.

Now like a VPN, there is another concept of secure browsing which is called a Proxy. Users who are looking for secure browsing solutions generally have two options, either VPN or Proxy. While both are similar in function and purpose but each of them have their own distinct properties.

Properties of Torrent VPN

  1. Torrent VPN encrypts your entire internet connection rather than encrypting a single site.
  2. Torrent VPN uses unknown IP Address to get connected.
  3. You have different servers available on different locations to work with.
  4. Usually VPN has its own Softwares with extra features.
  5. It has equal or greater encryption than a proxy server.

Properties of Proxy

  1. Unlike torrent VPN, proxy server encrypts only 1 program or internet protocol (such as a Bittorrent Client).
  2. Like torrent VPN Proxy server connects through an anonymous IP address.
  3. Unliketorrent VPN you have limited server location choices.
  4. Usually performs less encryption than a torrent VPN so it’s faster than VPN.

Now it’s up to you rather you find VPN more secure or Proxy server. A proxy has many of the same benefits as a torrent VPN when trying to remain anonymous while using uTorrent or bittorrent.

Benefits of using Proxy Torrents

A torrent proxy has many distinct advantages in contrast with VPN:

  1. The visible IP address of yours will not be yours actually as your IP address will be anonymous.
  2. The proxy server allows encryption to prevent snooping by your Internet service provider.
  3. It is usually cheaper than VPN.
  4. As discussed earlier download speeds will be faster (due to lower encryption).
  5. You can browse through the entire internet through your own connection.

Benefits of using Torrents VPN

Like Proxy Server now torrents VPN also have distinct advantages of their own:

  1. Its Installation is usually easy.
  2. It encrypts your entire connection including web browsing rather than encrypting one page or protocol.
  3. Software may offer advanced features not available with a proxy.

The biggest difference between a torrent VPN and a proxy server is that a VPN routes your entire internet connection through the VPN server and not just a single page or protocol. Many people find this helpful because it means that their visits to torrent tracer sites remain unknown. The disadvantage is that you have to close your VPN connection if you wish to access the internet through your real IP.