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Top 3 Online Backup Services for Small Businesses

Top 3 Online Backup Services for Small Businesses

online backupIn today’s fastest growing era, it is essential for every small business to use online tools to manage its various tasks in order to cut off staff and cost as well. A sole proprietor can handle the workload of 20 people while using online tools and can collaborate with many other related people to his/her business. Online backup is an essential need of every business, either big or small, and they help very much in keeping the record, managing different presentation and similar other important things that would come handy timely when the owner needs them and is away from the workstation for certain reason.

We’ve compiled a list of online backup services that give a lot of leverage to small business owners timely.

Carbonite Business:

This online backup service is a prominent name in the market to backup all the important things, that your business need, and access them from any corner of the world. They have 3 different plans according to different kind of clients that are ‘Basic’, ‘Plus’ and ‘Prime’.

Basic and Plus packages gives you up to 250GB of storage but the core difference is only that you get better support for Windows server backup. However if you are in search of more space then you may opt to Prime package that gives you up to 500GB storage space. You can either pay upfront for each of the package that you choose on yearly basis or maybe on monthly payment system.

CrashPlan PRO:

Another best option for online back service provider is CrashPlan PRO that gives you the liberty to store all your mobile application data along with all other data like photos, presentations, documents related to your small business.

This top rated online backup service offers two different plans to their customers i.e. if your business needs to run an online backup for 5 computers simultaneously then you should choose ‘Unlimited Data’ that requires you to pay around $49.95/MO or if your business needs backup for up to 25 computers at the same time then you should go for ‘Unlimited Computers’ plan that costs you around $208.29/MO but gives you up to 1TB data storage.

BackBlaze – For Business:

This is another very fascinating online backup service for a small business that needs a lot of storage space to store heavy data for online backup and access anytime from any place. This online backup service has just one single plan for its users but this only plan covers it all for all kind of customers that are looking for something compelling to their needs.

You can have unlimited storage from BackBlaze only for $50/computer every month and this makes an easy calculation to sum up all the cost that you need to pay for each computer your business requires to backup online. This online backup supports both Windows and Mac platforms and works pretty good with both of the OS that you are using on your computer/online device. Support time is also very good so that when you have any query regarding anything, you would be answered soon from their staff members.