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The Top 5 Benefits Of Investing In Import/Export Software To Ensure Trade Compliance

Whether you import, export, or do a bit of both—ensuring that you are current and up-to-date with all trade rules and regulations for each country you ship to and from can be a challenge. This is why many businesses—both large and small, rely on import/export software. If you have not yet made the move to import/export software, you are missing out on the invaluable benefits below.

Automated Trade Compliance

When import/export rules and regulations change, some details often fall through the cracks. However, when you invest in trade compliance import/export software, the process of verifying all aspects of trade compliance are automated. This includes identifying necessary license compliance, as well as country specific rules and regulations.

Timely Arrival Of Goods

When you ship items that do not meet trade compliance guidelines, your goods will not arrive on time. They will either be returned to the initial sender, or held up in customs while the proper compliance requirements are met. However, when you invest in import/export software that automates this process, and ensures all the details have been fully executed—you significantly increase the odds of your shipments arriving on time.

Reduced Transportation Costs

A high-quality import/export software will help you to reduce logistics costs, and capacity challenges that increase transportation costs. This will be achieved by increasing shipping accuracy, centralizing data, and sourcing global transportation and service partners that are the perfect match for your inventory.

This will decrease transportation costs from door-to-door—in part by your increased efficiency, and in part by finding competitive transportation partners.

Increased Efficiency & Improved Logistics

Import/export software is not only beneficial for ensuring trade compliance, but will help to improve internal logistics. The software will help you to organize your inventory, which will streamline your internal operations. This is relevant for both large businesses and distribution centers, and for small and growing business and distribution centers.

Increased Brand & Supply Chain Recognition

When your inventory and products are delivered in a timely, cost effective, and efficient manner—word will spread throughout the industries you import and/or export. This will increase brand and supply chain awareness. Once you are identified as a top-notch supply chain, distribution center, wholesaler, or business, more clients will reach out to you to import and export products and services—or utilize you as their import/export experts.

Ultimately, import/export software is a time saving trade compliance automation tool. It helps you to stay organized, and increase logistic efficiency—which saves both time and money. When you improve your inventory management—you can spend more of your time building and growing your business—instead of managing your day-to-day operations.

Aside from the invaluable benefits mentioned above, trade compliance import/export software comes with a wide range of customizable tools. This includes a multitude of automated tools, trade partner questionnaires, screening tools, auditing tools, reporting, analytics, license management, and much more.

If your current import/export management tools are falling short or you are:

  • Looking for ways to increase efficiency
  • Are frustrated with the process of keeping up with ever-changing trade compliance
  • Are a new import/export business looking for a cost effective way to manage your business

Then import/export software is a must!

It is important to do your homework when researching for import/export software to ensure that you have the highest quality tool to ensure trade compliance—and experience all of the benefits above.