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5 Small Business Website Design Tips for Successful Business Online

Since your website is the first impression that people get of your business, you want to make sure that it’s clear what your small business is about. It may seem superficial to say that your website needs to be appealing in order for people to gain interest in the services you provide. The reality is, people are superficial when it comes to personal life and business in general. Make sure that your small business website is efficiently designed and user-friendly to give you the greatest chance of gaining clients from your web presence.

Simplicity is Key

Small businesses are not known for having large amounts of resources to pour into marketing and computer geniuses that can create the world’s most fascinating website. To have an effective web design, it’s not necessary to have the latest bells and whistles that you might find on big business sites. Using a simple design that conveys the purpose of your business is all that people really want or need to know, in order to decide if they would like to utilize your services. When someone lands on your page, they should be able to have a good idea of what you’re trying to portray. This can come from text, colors, photos, and other graphics. Just keep it simple and to the point to do yourself and your potential clients a favor.

Minimalize Scrolling

“To develop a user-friendly web design, carefully consider each piece of content you add to each page,” said Marc Holt, law firm marketing spokesperson for a criminal defense and an expungement law firm. “To have long pages with a large amount of scrolling can be a deterrent for people to continue utilizing your site. Too much scrolling has also been known as not being accommodating to the user.”

Keep it Current

Keeping your website up to date and current with the latest your small business has to offer, will keep your site from going stale. Also, you will be much more likely to show up higher in search engine rankings by refreshing your content and your SEO optimization as your market changes.

Make it Consistent

A website design should remain consistent on each page of the site. Use the same formatting of links, graphics style, and use just one color scheme for your entire site. The consistency keeps your site professional, and focuses the attention on the quality of content that you would like your visitor to see.

Be Uniquely You

As simplicity is important to a site for a small business, so is personality. Bringing some characteristics of the company on the website will bring it down to a more relatable level to the viewer. Not making the website unprofessional, but humbly offering services that will add value to the viewers life.

The whole idea is to not stress about having a fancy website. It’s about creating a website designed to showcase what your small business has to offer.