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SCAM REPORT – Ted Farnsworth

Theodore Farnsworth is in the news quite frequently and because he is, occasionally you will notice articles and opinions on the internet declaring that Ted is really a scam artist.

I really do not believe that it is right to say he or someone else is linked to scams unless you have proof.

What most of the people do not understand who create blog post about Ted Farnsworth or anybody else that is an entrepreneur, is usually that the majority of them are not con artists in any way, they are totally entrepreneurs who had a business venture or two that was unsuccessful. There’s nothing improper with this, show me an entrepenure who has not been unsuccessful and I’ll show you somebody that isn’t actually an entrepenure.If someone has a perfect business record and never failed you should run because this person is probabally involved in scams.

The following is many other things that I recently found about Ted Farnsworth that you might not realize.

Mr. Farnsworth’s entrepreneurial spirit has generated feature articles in several publications, including Forbes, Fortune, Investor’s Business Daily, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, to mention a few, and appearances on MSNBC and CNBC.

A pro in strategic development, marketing and consumer relations, Ted Farnsworth has utilized these resources and capabilities creating companies throughout his 30-year career. He has run many companies with exclusive products with known brandnames which he actively helped to create. Many of these companies eventually grew to be publicly held.

He’s an equity partner in a deal comprised of in-demand offices situated in primary and secondary market segments throughout the U.S. The portfolio is majority leased to the General Services Administration, so that it is the fourth largest landlord for the U.S, government today.

Mr. Farnsworth is the Chairman and Founder of The Highlander Companies and Chairman and Founder of Millennial Hotel Group. He’s responsible for the strategic course of these companies, for investment and financing functions over virtually all capital programs, as well as the creation and pursuit of new real estate development opportunities and their acquisition.
Recentaly Ted debuted iCrowdHotels … Crowdfunding Platform For Hotels

iCrowdHotelsThe new platform, that is dedicated to hotel real estate around the world, answers the rising demand for direct access to specific, top-performing hotel investments, along with the need from entrepreneurs and developers to get a more streamlined and effective fundraising process.

Ted Farnsworth, chairman and founder of iCrowdHotels, Inc., stated:

“Our crowdfunding platform has been in development for the past 18 months, with the goal of creating the premier hotel crowdfunding site. Since the adoption of Title II of the JOBS Act, and the passage of Regulation A+, there is an incredible untapped potential for private investors to diversify their portfolios and become pioneer crowd investors in the lucrative hospitality market.

hotel“According to experts Massolution and Bloomberg, global crowdfunding is expected to reach $34.4 billion this year and real estate crowdfunding to top $250 billion by the end of 2020. We have opened the door to enable individuals to hold a valuable stake in premium hotel properties across the globe for as little as $10,000.”

Ted Farnsworth is a fervent believer that success in your life is directly connected with a person’s desire and commitment to give back his time and prosperity to society. He’s been a generous advocate of varied benevolent organizations and founded the Far West Haiti Mission, that provides fresh water, houses and work endeavours to the citizens of Haiti. By means of the Far West Haiti Mission, Mr. Farnsworth also set up a school for the blind. Hundreds of individuals have benefitted through his kind-heartedness and his constant dedication to raising the human spirit.

So ask yourself the question after knowing what you understand about Ted Farnsworth now, do you really feel that he’s a scam artist or just an entrepenure who has ups and downs like any self made business man does?