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Real Estate Databases are Difficult

What is the one thing you need to do in real estate to be successful? Lead Generation? No. In today’s real estate world obtaining leads is easy. If you have a hundred dollars, you can buy leads. Your broker will give you leads. You can do an open house, or place an add online. There are many ways to get leads. I see it every day. I see agents get 50, 100 or more leads a month. And then they barely squeak by. Why is that?

It’s because the leads suck. No, that’s not it. Are you kidding me, out of 50 or 100 people raising their hand telling you they are interested in buying or selling, you’re telling me they all suck? No way. Have you ever heard the saying:

“Fortunes in the Follow up.”

Well that saying is true. More so today than ever. I hear this complaint from many customers I have worked with, “The Realtor never called me back”. After one conversation, there was no more. Then I stepped in. And I followed up. And I made money.

So why is the follow up game so difficult? Because it’s complicated. Well at least that is what many people believe. They were told by their broker, or their sales manager, “Go get a database management system.” And they did. And man, I gotta tell you, from my own experience, most of the database systems are complicated. This one I looked into just recently was proud that they had a 115 page manual and 65 videos on how to use the system. I mean really.

Does follow up have to be that difficult? One I used had 100 different email campaigns I could put people on. That is at least 1000 different emails. And many of them had to be changed with my information. Difficult? Yes. Cumbersome? Yes. I get into the mundane sometimes, but this was ridiculous. And that was just the email part. Not to mention the other 25 things I was told I should do.

That is why we developed Track the Lead. A simple follow up system that is up and running in five minutes.  You learn to use in five minutes. That’s it. 10 minutes. It is so simple you will think it doesn’t work. But it does. And you do not get into “Analysis Paralysis” thinking about what to do.

Track The Lead is a CRM database meant to make follow up easy. We help Realtors Think Less, and Do More.

Don’t believe me? Give it a try. For FREE! After 24 hours just pay. No I’m kidding. Try it free for 90 Days.

Yes, 90 days for FREE. No Credit Card Required up front. Try it out, with no risk.