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Quick Review: Does Time Clock Wizard Deliver?

There are a number of modern online time clock solutions available on the internet but very few of them offer a good range of features that are normally considered premium. One of those free solutions is called Time Clock Wizard Home Page Here. Let’s take a quick look at what features it brings to the table.


Payroll accounts for a huge sum of an organization’s expenses, and is a major area where small to medium sized businesses can cut down on excess costs imply by being more efficient in how they track and manage employee schedules, times, and absences. The more accurate accrual calculations are, the less wasteful spending will negatively affect a company’s bottom line. This is one area where Time Clock Wizard really shines. It features time rounding to the nearest 0.1 or 0.25 of an hour and that’s great for payroll calculations.

It also calculates absences and automatically adjusts for them, as well as vacation times when users submit requests through the built-in system and they are approved by the admin. However, unlike most systems, managers can modify user schedules on a week to week basis. For example, if a user works 3 days a week, and alternates those days every week, you can setup their schedule accordingly. The system will determine amounts owed accordingly.

Additionally, in the event that a user forgets to clock out or clock in when they start working, they can submit a request through their control panel, to their manager,who can easily modify their time records accordingly. This gives managers more control over user schedules, making employee scheduling even more efficient.

The best thing about Time Clock Wizard though, is how easy it is to use and generate payroll reports showing hours worked, wages payable, breaks, absences, overtime, mileage, and even time rounding, sorted by specific departments or all employees. Managers have access to in-depth reporting for every user, while users can view their own detailed reports. The program’s scheduling feature also helps generate payroll forecasts that are great for planning your organization’s expenses for the period.

To save time, it also has a smart, self-registration feature that lets users sign up for their profiles themselves using a simple, self-registration password that you generate for your employees. That saves you from the hassle of having to enter every user’s details yourself. You can also set custom permissions on what manager gets to see certain information about users.

With excellent security features and a network of high-speed dedicated servers, Time Clock Wizard offers numerous premium features for free,letting managers increase their payroll efficiency and accuracy. If you’re interested in trying out the solution, you can sign up at