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New Social Media Trends and Business Strategies for a Smart Business

twitter_67402It is sometimes difficult to predict the future of social media, but one thing remains certain. There can be ups and downs, but social media is here to stay. There was a time when e-commerce was struggling to make its presence felt and people doubted about its capabilities. Fast forward to new trends like targeted Twitter followers which can ensure a strong social media presence.

How can targeted Twitter followers boost your business?

According to research, if someone is following you in Twitter, they not only see the tweets, but can also boost your business in many ways. For instance, if your followers share a positive feedback about the business they follow, it definitely increases your brand value. Actually a recent survey stated that 85% of the followers feel more connected to medium and small businesses. If there are enough followers, you will be quite popular resulting in an effective growth in your business. Trend says that new customers feel more connected with something that has already garnered some interest. People flock to where there is already a crowd, eager to know about the buzz.

Best ways to generate interest among the followers

First you need to create a Followers campaign, which will display a Promoted Account in several spaces in desktop and mobiles. You will probably get to see these more in “Who to follow” and Home timelines. Basically it will be seen mostly in places where users can access them. When you think of the content, avoid too many hash tags and usernames. The focus should be primarily on your business. The profile picture should be clear, and a proper description of your business should be provided. First impressions count, so please ensure that you are welcoming the guests with a steady flow of standard tweets and effective content.

Think about your audience and how you can tailor the account as per their requirements. The focus on target audience can be based on interests. If you want to target broadly, you should scale your points of interests to 350 categories. For niche audience, always look for people with specific interests. Want to measure the success of your Twitter account? You can actually use the real-time analytics to get data-driven results for your business. You can check both the Campaigns dashboard and the Followers dashboard to track your growth.

The most effective shortcut to building a social media presence is buying twitter followers. While a lot of sellers are really bad and shady, there are a few big sellers that you can trust to deliver. Must check twitter followers reviews before purchasing any related service.

Some of the effective packages for buying targeted followers

twitter social mediaIf you have a look at the different packages available for buying targeted Twitter followers, you will find that there are certain basic services which all of them render. With each package you will have active followers, custom dashboard, real-time tracking, round-the-clock support, 100% guarantee of privacy, and safe methods to name a few.

There are three types of packages for targeted Twitter followers in Fast Followerz, which are Pro, Business and Enterprise respectively. If you compare the expenses, Pro has the lowest cost, followed by Business and Enterprise. Pro is the fastest way to gain followers. In Business, the option is more targeted which means the package ensures that you have targeted followers who can connect to your business. Enterprise has a more discretionary method where the campaign is run on a daily basis.

In Pro you will have worldwide followers, minimum 100 and all of them will be active. There will be some non-targeted followers, as this package aims to cover a large base. For Business, any location can be geo-targeted, based on the need of the business. These will have specific keywords which will help to garner the interest of the right audience. There will be minimum 100 followers. And like Pro, Business will also have only active followers. Because Enterprise is a daily campaign, the method is slow and steady. Each day 5 followers will be added and all of them will be pre-screened followers which mean that you will only have serious audience. They will also provide you with a weekly report through which you will be able to understand how the account is running. There is a process of drip feeding your followers in this package.

For Pro, you will have a guaranteed fast delivery. You can have your money back if you success rate is zero. Additionally, the package will have a guarantee of 1 to 5 years. Business will have a slow delivery method. The entire campaign management will be looked after Fastfollowerz and you will have their full protection. The years of guarantee remain the same. In Enterprise, you will have dashboard reporting along with a money-back policy. The delivery method is conducted daily, with 5 followers every day.

A final note:

There must be quite a few doubts in the mind when you are investing your money. But rest assured because fastfollowerz ensure that you will have only active followers. There are no false promises there. You need just need to pay once for all the packages. There are no recurrent expenses. If you want, you can also have more than one package simultaneously. All orders are separate and the performance of each will be tracked individually. Follower-loss is a major concern among buyers who feel that with time, there is a diminishing interest among the targeted Twitter followers. With the unique policy of Followerz Protection, Fastfollowerz ensure that if you lose any followers, they will be replaced immediately.

Mostly the packages have immediate effect and you will start receiving followers within 12 to 24 hours. If you have a targeted campaign, you can easily pick the country of your followers. You may ask why is Fastfollowerz effective. The obvious answer to this is that from other companies, you will mostly have idle or spam accounts which are deleted in the course of time. You will have an absolute safe transaction with Fastfollowerz. So, you need not worry about protecting the account. The best thing about the above-mentioned packages is that you will get engaged followers who will be interactive with their tweets, replies and retweets.