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Mashvisor Launches to Provide Investors Detailed Rental Information

San Francisco, CA – is a new website that has launched to provide real estate investment information. The site provides analytics for investors to confidently identify investment properties where they can establish a significant amount of rental income.

Mashvisor will provide analysis on the cash flow of properties by using various rental strategies. The site goal is to provide the highest return on investment. Help comes in the form of calculating cash flow, return on investment, and various other key indicators to provide a general overview on income properties.

“I wanted to become a real estate investor who was well-informed and Mashvisor has shown me what I needed to know. Their analysis has really helped me make better decisions,” comments one investor in the U.S.

Calculations are made in real-time and are customized to the individual. They provide a comparative analysis for Airbnb investment properties as well as traditional properties. This allows people to determine how much income can be made from a specific property.

The automated platform is designed to compare real estate data while providing investment insight on a national level. “Our goal is to help people become more savvy investors by providing them with the information they need on long-term and short-term lodging. Analytics are provided by neighborhood so people can search based upon budget as well as location,” comments Peter Abualzolof, the CEO and cofounder of Mashvisor.

A Mashmeter is provided to investors who visit the website. This determines the performance level of investment property based upon the firm’s expertise as well as quantitative and qualitative analysis. A single snapshot of the investment value is then provided. While the value is the starting point, it gives people a stronger number to go on when determining whether they should invest or not.

Mashvisor offers a variety of blogs on their site, providing ongoing information to investors. The site was created to help new investors as well as investors who have been involved in the real estate market for years.

The company urges anyone who is wishing to make a real estate investment to explore their website, located at It can be explored for free, allowing people to begin testing out the analysis to see what kind of investment income could be earned on various properties across the U.S.

The site has already launched email marketing campaigns to more than 30,000 potential users and will be promoting to real estate investors and agents over the next several months. Three subscription models will be made available, including individual, professional, and enterprise plans. There will also be a referral system in place for premium real estate agents.