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Indian Real Estate Forum Or IREF

In India, when a person is looking for real estate including property or a new home, their #1 destination is Indian Real Estate Forum or IREF.

The fact is that in India it’s not easy to get a straight answer about real estate but on IREF there are nearly 130,000+ members who are there to help, giving their knowledge, advice and answers every day to people in need of hard, honest facts.

To this day there’s been almost 1 million posts on practically every real estate topic you can think of concerning India. The site is run by a solid core of like-minded associates with a simple, unified vision; give people clear and simple information that they can use when making a real estate transaction. Their goal is further backed up by total transparency, free dispersion of information, unhindered communication and total professionalism.

On IREF all of the information that a person needs to make an important real estate decision can be found. For example, the site evaluates every single Indian real estate developer and their current projects in terms of…

  • Location advantages and disadvantages
  • Quality
  • Reputation
  • Pricing
  • Brokerage commissions

There are also a myriad of general discussion topics ranging from the state of the economy in India to the various factors that affect the real estate market including pricing and trends.

The IREF site has been designed like a typical threaded discussion forum and is fully categorized so that members can easily find and focus on their area of interest. All of India’s major cities have their own separate discussion areas and most discussions are, as we mentioned, threaded so that replies can be made to an original thread.

As with most forums of this type, it’s open to members and guests but in order to post, share, search and use private messaging an individual must be a registered IREF member.

IREF is moderated for content including broker advertisements, offensive content and irrelevant threads. As one of the most popular forums for real estate in all of India it has emerged as a potent resource that’s available for people in the entire country. It is not only given the people of India the information they need to make well-informed decisions, it is also given them copious amounts of information about their legal rights when making a real estate purchase.

For that reason, and for many others, IREF is one of the most valuable resources of real estate in India today.