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Impact of the lean program in an organization

Lean is a program of organizational development which is geared towards increasing professional development and job satisfaction through a long process of training of everyone in the company. It engages everyone and streamlines their work process through identifying and eliminating wasteful and unnecessary steps in their line of jobs.

Lean partners workers from all departments and levels to improve and facilitate the delivery of their jobs. It allows them to use creative genius to improve on their service efficiency and effectiveness. Since it is a respect based program, each individual’s contribution and knowledge is collectively appreciated.

In structure of a company, each person is recognized and their contribution too is and lean program promotes and recognizes the same. Process seeks to improve processes used in organization and streamlines them. It identifies, reduces and eliminates anything that does not add value to the company.


This program improves trust relationships between everyone in the organization and promotes them whilst reshaping organization’s image. Dynamic and continuous process of is promotes a constant re-evaluation of one and it seeks to anticipate and prevent rather than fix and solve the problems within.

Success factors of the lean program.

  • Teamwork and a strategic approach to issues in the company will improve the success of program. Adequate resource mobilization and external support from consultants with management capability will help realize vision of the organization.
  • Another success factor in program is effective communication between all workers and motivation. Sharing of knowledge and recognizing one’s efforts whilst keeping the mission on its tracks is of essence.
  • Lean requires that the company’s leaders have a vision for the future and clearly defined goals that everyone aspires to achieve. They must embrace it effortlessly and constantly demonstrate their personal involvement. Without active participation of the top managers of a company, program will not be sustainable within it. Some traditional cultures of an organization may not support program and letting go of them and embracing lean program will ensure it is successfully established.

What one should ask himself/herself during the lean training.

  • Can this be done in a better way?
  • What can be eliminated in the process without reducing value?
  • What can we do to improve communication?

In an organizational set up, drivers and those who will and what will greatly promote the approach are the;

  • top managers
  • supervisors
  • performance indicators
  • new technology
  • organizational agendas
  • recommendation
  • competition threats
  • Demand for increased efficiency.
  • Service expansion and client base with limited resources is a driver for the approach as everyone will yearn to do so.

Inhibitors of the lean program in an organization include but are not limited to;

  • Resistance to change from staff and management.
  • Lack of resources to implement the changes.
  • Compartmentalization in an organization.
  • Lack of activity ownership in an organization.

The lean initiative can tackle issues such as; efficiency of the workers, policy changes in the organization, financial wastage, low client base and competition in market.

Impact of learn program in an organization.

  • Increased performance and effectiveness of the employee.
  • Increased employee and customer satisfaction because of standard services and goods.
  • Improving processing time and therefore saving of costs.
  • Culture and process change.
  • Good communication between the workers and top management in the organization.

Better understanding of the customer needs.