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How Going Digital Is Changing the Face of Pharmacies

One of the latest industries to be enjoying an innovative shift is the pharmaceutical business. Local pharmacies have actually been adopting pharmacy management systems for over 50 years, but as technology has become more sophisticated, the data has become more comprehensive, and pharmacists and suppliers can do so much more with what they now know. What was once a rather basic system has now grown exponentially, and software for pharmacies can be split into multiple solutions depending on what you need. If you work in a pharmacy, here are just some of the applications available to you.

IVR Interfaces

An IVR (interactive voice response) system is the extra team member that all pharmacists need. In its most basic form, it’s an answering machine service. However, today’s IVR systems are so much more than that. You can use them to call and text customers to alert them when a prescription is available to be picked up or if a customer is overdue a refill, they can collate messages and pass them onto the relevant team members, and they allow callers to perform service tasks such as requesting pharmacy opening times or placing refill orders.

Point of Sale Systems

A point of sale (POS) system is a pharmacist’s best friend if you’re looking to streamline a whole raft of daily tasks to improve your customer service delivery. It enables you to offer more payment options (including gift cards and vouchers), to have a more robust inventory management process so that you never run out of stock items, to improve your sales promotion offers, and to speed up the transaction time at till points. It also gives you the opportunity to introduce a customer loyalty program if you wish.

Document Management

You need never worry about losing or misfiling an essential document ever again. A document management system safely stores important files, data, and background information in cloud-based storage so that you can access everything you need at the click of a button, right when you need it. You can seamlessly scan or upload documents, and within seconds you not only have an original file copy, but also have a back-up copy too.


Do you know how many software applications your team are taking advantage of? Contact an experienced pharmacy management system provider and find out what technology you’re missing out on, and how they can help your business grow to become bigger and better.