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Hostoople Hosting Service Review

Hostoople is an hosting service provider. They have been providing hosting services sinse 2012, and have hosted more than 10,000 websites and 3,00,000 domains. The company has a group of 7 enthusiastic employees who aim to offerHostoople Hosting Service quality services at an affordable price. This has made even multinational players of hosting domain, aware about the strong existence of the Hostoople. Hostoople is growing at a fast rate of more than 500 hosting accounts per month.

Although Hostoople is a new player of the web hosting industry, they have already fetched a lot of appreciation from their global clients. They have established servers in countries like US and India. The company operates from its office in US and Dallas, Texas. Hostoople client base are entrepreneurs who are looking for a quality hosting service at a cheap and affordable pricing. Hostoople plans to start their own ecommerce business.

Pricing and Customer Support

Hostoople basically provides plans:-

The picture below briefly elaborates these hosting service plans offered by Hostoople.

Pricing and Customer Support

The best thing with Hostoople is that they clearly define the services that would be offered by them, in each and every package. And then they stick with their commitment and offer the services with dedication, so that you don’t have to worry about your hosting again. You can just focus on your business after the hosting is taken care of by Hostoople.

Customer support with Hostoople is just amazing. Hostoople is not like a multinational who sells hosting to a million of users and then doesn’t care about your problems. Instead, hostoople offer a high quality customer support to all its users. If you face any problems with this hosting service, you can contact them very easily via their live chat function on the official website, else you can directly write to [email protected] and get your problems resolved within a few hours. Hostoople solves all the customer issues in a timely manner, and hence it is the most reliable hosting service you would ever come across.

Service Performance and Reliability

Hostoople has its web servers operates from datacenters in Dallas, Texas and India. This gives a fast access to the customer base in both America and India. Hostoople is a service, where they not only provide 99.99% uptime of clients websites, but also offer a cheap rate along with a lot of added features which makes the domain hosting experience of its clients really amazing.

Services Offered

Hostoople offers a wide variety of services to its users. They have Linux based servers, which can be used for shared, dedicated and VPN hosting. They also offer reseller hosting service plans for its users who want to sell their own hosting service to the local clients. Not only hosting, but Hostoople has its aim to help you in every possible way. Let us say that you plan to open up your own ecommerce website one day, than Hostoople will not only provide you hosting for it, but also the tools and solutions needed to make your ecommerce website the best in every aspect. This will help you get your business started right away without the need to technical resources in your company.

Special Features of Hostoople Hosting:

The combination of following mentioned features is rarely found with any other hosting service provider:-

  • Unlimited number Email Accounts
  • Control Panel (cPanel)
  • Free Website Builders to get your business started right away
  • Free setup and transfer of the service to other user
  • Hostoople guarantees 99.5% uptime
  • 100% customer satisfaction is the motto of this hosting service provider
  • If you don’t like the service, then don’t worry. Hostoople provides 30 days money back guarantee.
  • Free transfer of Script, Domains, Files Transfers, Database
  • Support offered 24×7, and 365 days a year.


Hostoople is one of its kind hosting service provider which offer Linux, Windows shared hosting as well as VPS hosting. This service is so amazing that all the experienced bloggers are shutting down the hosting accounts with other talk big companies and getting an account here.

Even business owners are taking advantage of the reseller hosting plans offered by Hostoople and making their client happy. Hostoople is the buzzword among all the blogger and online entrepreneurs out there. So if you want to join the league of successful online business owners, than get you business hosted by the amazing services of Hostoople, and you will never look back again. You would have no regrets on choosing this service and you will be proud of your wise decision once you start feeling the benefits.

No other hosting service is providing such a quality service along with free tools and solutions to get your business started. The service offered by Hostoople can’t be found at the same price range. The service offered by it is fast, reliable and easy to use. They offer a 30 days money back guarantee as well, in case you are unsatisfied with their service, which to be honest is a very rare possibility.

So, what are you waiting for?. Go on their website, get the plan that suits your business and rock the online world.

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