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Building A Brand With Printed Pens

Building a brand isn’t cheap, and never has been. Think about the most well-known brands in the world – Coca Cola is probably right near the top of your list. They obviously didn’t manage all that with just a few hundred pounds. It takes years of work to get big as a business, and lots of funding too. Obviously a unique idea and an excellent sales and marketing team won’t hurt either.

Printed pens

Knowing who your audience are and targeting them specifically is really important when it comes to positioning your business, and getting the brand right is important. If you get any aspect wrong then your whole campaign can collapse, and you will just be wasting your budget.

Before you start to promote your new business, get your brand in check. Consider the logo and the colour scheme. Do they represent you well? Is it clear the sort of line of work you’re in? Your logo will appear on everything from printed pens to your website, letter heads and advertisements, so you need to be entirely happy with it before you progress.

You should also check your website for errors. You will be directing your customers here, and mistakes will put them off. Check through and make sure there aren’t any broken links, spelling or grammar issues. Is it easy to find pages? Have you included all the vital information? Get friends and families to test it as well as your staff, because there is no point advertising a poor or uninformative website.

Make sure your phone number is working, because if you get it wrong your prospective customers just won’t be able to get in touch with you.

Printed pens are a very reasonably priced and benefit most business. They’re one of the most cost effective types of promotional marketing, and they can work for most businesses, no matter how large or small. A few years ago Barclays began giving out printed pens because they knew people use them. As a result they have distributed pens to hundreds and thousands of people, spreading their brand further and increasing loyalty.

Remember to include your logo, your website, and any other important information without overloading your printed pens. The key is the balance between simplicity and marketing. Return on investment is vital – you want to make at least as much from your promotional materials as you have had to spend on them.