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Andratx Mallorca Property

Andratx Mallorca Property

Andratx resort qaunt is a traditional Mallorcan town which is situated in the south west of the island. The town has narrow winding streets which offer a taste of a real Majorca away from the streets of the main tourist trails. It is approximated about 22 miles (35km) from the Palma airport. Similar to the coastal towns in Majorca, the town stretches about 3 miles (5km) inland from the port area called Puerto Andrtx.

Inside the town, there is a quite cosmopolitan. Also, the pace is relaxed. As far as package holidays, the area is famous with country side walkers and lovers. Andtratx is infact, itis more of explorer’s base since it is enclosed by ,citrus, lush green and olive oil. In addition, it also has almond trees which are traditional Mallorcan dotted fincas.

If you make a visit to the town, you will rely that it is a pretty little town which is not particularly in tourist oriented. Moreover, it is not a major really by tourist operators. Nevertheless, Andartax usually visits by foreigners who owned second homes in this place. Additionally, the town has many impressive private villas and homes. Its secluded location and beauty has been an attraction site for the famous and the reach for many years. The cosmopolitan vibe is available because of the expat community. The town also has bags of appeal and character. With a welcoming friendly atmosphere in the cafes and local bars, the town is quite during day times and jovial at night.

Apart from being a home of a renowned large market, Andratx has great restaurants and bars. The market is held on a weekly basis on Wednesdays selling local produce which are fresh. If you are an art lover, the town has a large private art gallery situated at the Centro cultural Andratx. At the gallery, there is a large collection of contemporary art.

Visitors at undertakes town appreciate the Puerto Anndratax stunning views. At the port area, there are fishing boats which are working. This boat brings home their catch every evening.

The andratax old town brings retains many traditional features making it to be very pretty. The districts found in the town are divided into two that is pou amunt and pantaleu. The higher end of the town has traditional shuttered houses and cobbled streets which lead to the traditional town squares. At the top of the hill, there is an impressive Santa Maria church. This is a place where you can enjoy sweeping views which are magnificent over the town to the port area and even beyond the sea.

In the past, the town was protected from pirate attacks by walls. These days, you can still see the remains of the town.

Andratx is So Na Gaimana’s is another notable feature of the town. This was used in protection of pirates from invading the town. In addition, you also observe the sagrament tower which was built in the 15th century and the som mas castle of 19th century. Having been a major home and town of history and culture, the town has many prominent figures for example Barcelona bishop and King James 1.

Since there is only one tiny beach in the town, beach lovers are not attracted by the place. This is an ideal case for somebody who wants to explore the area with some stunning walking trails and countryside. For those who wish to spend their time at the beach, camp De Mar is just at a distance 3 miles (5km). For those people who want to explore the place, there is a nearby town which requires the hiring of a car. The town is called San Telmo. From that place, you can take a boat through Es FREU channel to the curious Dragonera Island. it is not easy to make a visit to paguera, santa ponsa, and illetas using a vehicle.

For people who play golf, Golf de andratax is very far. However, camp de mar can be reach easily. For more information, just visit Golf DE normally takes an hour from the airport to Andratx town.