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5 Traits of Highly Effective Managers

One of the most obvious things about the 21st century is the fact that it is a fast-paced, increasingly dynamic world where the people with the best leadership skills call the shots. In fact, leadership nowadays, isn’t about who you know or your size.

It is about your ability to contribute immensely to the growth of your organization and lead your subordinates effectively. Top leaders and managers understand the importance of being exceptional, effective, and attaining peak performance in business, career, and personal life.


They know that if they can successfully lead themselves, then it should be relatively easy to lead others. If you are looking to become a highly regarded leader in your office, you need to develop certain unique qualities. That said, here are the top qualities of result-oriented, resourceful and highly effective managers.

A Sense Of Vision and Mission

All successful managers are driven, focused, and goal-oriented. Organizational planning and execution demands a clear-cut, specific and overall understanding of the company’s aims and objectives. Good managers consistently concentrate on the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly plans, targets and objectives, and most crucial of all, follow them through until the accomplishment of the set goals.

Effective Communication

All quality managers understand the importance of communication. For such leaders, reaching out to employees, having a good listening ear, information dissemination at the top-bottom levels and receiving timely feedbacks is not optional; it is a top priority. Moreover, they commonly adopt the use of multiple tools to achieve this.

For instance, instead of just sending an email like most people do, they shoot a small video of themselves giving explicit instructions and upload the clearly outlined and spelt out tasks to task management platforms like Scoro where their team members can go view the instructions.

Good managers have a clear understanding of the needs of people around them- employees, colleagues, business associates, and family. As a result, they are better able to address these needs by being very communicative.

Strategic Thinking and Innovation

According to research carried out at the Center for Brain Health, University of Texas, strategy-based cognitive training has the potential to spill over to real life benefits and improve the outputs of managers. Good leaders are strategic thinkers and creative innovators.

They are consistently devising solutions that not only enhance their business output, but also that of company workers, leading to enhanced companywide or team productivity.

For example, instead of having workers wait for hours before they can assign work, they can easily set up projects on collaborative platforms like Scoro so that their workers can just upload all done tasks and move on to other things.

Social Alliances and Networking

It is a top quality and skill of resourceful managers to connect with people’s interests, form alliances and network in the industry and outside the industry.

The business of management requires leaders who can build a team of workers whose passion it is to inspire and motivate others towards the attainment of corporate goals. Thus, top managers cultivate human relationships and use social platforms to attain their set objectives.

Basically, the crux of leadership and management is about results, delivery, productivity, empowerment and creation of value. To this end, it is necessary for highly effective managers to consistently reevaluate their achievements and how best it helps to attain personal and corporate goals.

A professional in management will consistently reinvent him/herself to fit in properly with the demands, challenges, and necessities encountered daily. Adopt these habits and you will very soon, find yourself in the league of successful and top managers in your organization.

The writer, Oscar King, is an office manager who, through experience, is learning how to stay on top of the rat race and is meeting with incredible success as a result of his efforts. If you wish to learn more abut Oscar you can visit on Google+.