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4 Secrets on How to Sell Your Home and Getting Top Dollar in Tallahassee Florida – Local Records Office

LOCAL RECORDS OFFICE: We’ve all heard of he American Dream, the one where we buy a house in the perfect neighborhood, but what happens when you want to sell the house of your dreams? The company “Local Records Office” has created 4 tips to make it easier to sell your house in a competitive real estate market. While it’s taught to sell a house, it’s not impossible.


Prepare Your House for the Sale

There is no buyer that will buy a mediocre house. You have to make sure your house is stable and in living condition. The house doesn’t have to be spotless clean it just needs to be a safe house where someone could raise a family says, Local Records Office. Make sure the landscape is not overgrown, the paint is in good condition, the backyard isn’t cluttered and the area for the pets is clean. Buyers like to see what the house has to offer and it can’t do that with a cluttered backyard.

Keep it Odor-Free

If you and your family are still living in the house make sure not to cook something with a strong odor like eggs, garlic, fish or tuna. This might make the buyers think the house has an odor problem and will prevent it from smelling like a fast food Korean restaurant says, Local Records Office.

If you have pets make sure the litter box is not in the way and or the chew toys are put away. You have to think about the buyer and the buyers family, some people may have allergies to cats or dogs.

Sell Your House With a Realtor

Don’t be cheap, sell your house with a realtor says, Local Records Office. Once you’ve cleaned the house contact a realtor to list your house in the real estate market. Realtors have access to elite databases where buyers and other realtors are looking. Realtors know the real estate business in and out they know where and not to list property.

Many studies have shown that realtors sell a property in approximately 6 to 7 months, that’s much faster than the average home seller could sell a property.

Sell to a Real Estate Investor

Many sellers think that selling to real estate investors will decrease the selling amount but that’s far from wrong. Most investors are up-to-date with the market prices and will give you a decent price says, Local Records Office.


We all want the most we could get for what we are selling and we want to be safe while doing it, no one wants to get scammed deal with a shady buyer. Hiring a realtor will make your life much easier says, Local Records Office. Most realtors are affordable and other will take a small percentage of the sale. Realtors have been becoming more used over the years with people selling houses, condos, town houses and other property. Also remember to contact investors since many of them are willing to any time.

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