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Workplace Injury Requires Expert Legal Representation

The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) is set up to adjudicate matters of health and well being between employers and workers in Ontario. In general, employers are provided no-fault liability insurance, and workers are provided loss of earning benefits and medical care. When an employee in Canada is injured or becomes ill related to his or her job, the worker’s compensation claim is handled by the provincial body. When a worker wins the claim, the WSIB will provide the needed assistance and benefits.

The type of coverage provided by the WSIB includes lost earnings and medical and rehabilitation services. In the event of a permanent disability due to injury or illness, a lump sum payment can be provided to the worker. Although representation is not required, it is highly recommended in order to ensure that full rights and benefits are provided. Over 80 percent of appeals have some form of representation. While it’s always up to the individual to determine whether to hirea lawyer, it’s always a smart choice—the paperwork can be very complex.

Workplace Injury Requires Expert Legal Representation

Representatives for the injured or ill worker are available with a wide range of training, backgrounds, and skill sets. Although it can be difficult to wade through those available, it’s recommended that you only engage those with a proven track record. Hirea specialist in the field, such as a workplace injury lawyer, who can offer knowledge and direction while assuring the best possible outcome and benefits because of their hands-on background working with the WSIB

Following the process through correctly is essential to receiving a favourable decision.Documenting everything from the accident or illness onward is vital. Documenting medical expenses and visits, healthcare information, employer and return-to-work details must be done properly. The best attorney is an advocate—someone who works in the best interests of the worker. When injured on the job it is the responsibility of the injured worker to seek out and find a skilled workplace injury attorney. If this sounds like your situation, or the situation of someone you care about, then don’t hesitate; click here to learn more about what one of the best firms in the city can do for you or your loved ones.

The Ontario Ministry of Labour is a good source of additional information on occupational health and safety. You can always attempt to receive a settlement or benefits for an injury or illness on your own, but if you miss even one small step your entire case could be ruined. If your money and livelihood are on the line, why not invest in the services of a workplace injury lawyer? Remember that you won’t have to pay anything until (and only if) you win your case, and consultations are regularly free to everyone. Call or email to set up an appointment today!