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Why Should We Choose Best Affordable Tablets Rather Than Ipad?

Thanks to the rapid development of science and technology, we are able to have a more wonderful and convenient life. We have to admit that the changes happened on this world are really astonishing, we couldn’t imagine that we can use tablet pc now when the whole world was still crazy about the emergence of the first computer. From desktop to laptop, and then to tablet PC, these big changes even happened in just 20 years. We have to keep in step with the times in case of being eliminated from this fast-paced society.

It’s nearly an untouchable dream to find best affordable tabletswhen iPad was the only choice for us. iPad is sold at a high price all the time since its first launching. Although they are of perfect performance indeed, they are still unaffordable for everyone. But for now, to buy tablet pc at adorable price is no longer a difficult thing for us with the coming out of numerous kinds of android tablet PCs.

Android tablet PCs have become the formidable adversary of iPad, and they have won the crown of best-selling in tablet markets instead of iPad in recent years. Many people may be amazed at their fast popularity and may wonder why they are preferred by most customers. Next, I will show you the reasons in following aspects:
The first reason is the price gap. No matter what you need to buy, the first and also the basic rule you should adhere to is to cater for your actual financial situation. It’s never a wise choice to exhaust all you have to get something which is far beyond your budget. Since tablet pcs are in vogue in the whole world, more and more branded and nameless electronic manufacturers start to develop their own tablet PCs. Due to the fierce competition in the market, there is a declining trend of the price of tablet PCs. People can get a decent tablet PC within 100 dollars now. And the official price of iPad 2 is 499$ which may not be a large amount of money for some people, but why should we waste money on such a high priced gadget when we can get an android tablet PC with high configuration at an unbelievable low price which is less than a quarter of the price of an iPad.

Secondly, iPad is not suitable for everyone. Although being featured with its advanced configuration and unique OS, they may be perfect for some professionals but they are superfluous for normal people who just need an entry-level device. Many people just need to use their tablet PC to play games or videos for entertainment; some may use them to work or read books. A normal and cheap android tablet PC is totally qualified for these simple tasks. In this case, it’s meaningless for us to break the bank for a costly iPad.

Many people choose iPad because of its exquisite appearance. As a matter of fact, many other branded vendors have made a lot of efforts in upgrading the appearance of their devices to a higher level. Be it Samsung, their tablet pcs are thinner and neater in appearance. Either in terms of performance or appearance, cheap android tablet PC is not inferior in any respect than iPad.