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Why Aligning Your Business With Charity Is Important

Why Aligning Your Business With Charity Is Important

Sometimes it’s somehow challenging to combine business with charity. These difficulties in financial constraints can however be overcome and well managed by companies that have the will to do so. There are several reasons to offer charity along with business, coupled by several benefits throughout the universe. Large and small organizations all over the world do this daily while still running their day to day errands. Some of the reasons that encourage them are;

  • There’s always guarantee for improvement in communities that need help and financial support.  People feel good and appreciate good deeds that companies offer out of will. It helps those communities to improve their livelihoods and increase productivity. Such work boosts communities and ensures their survival in sectors of health, food and nutrition among others.
  • Amazing talents that need to be nurtured can never go unnoticed. If these talents among the community are not identified, and nurtured, they would otherwise fade and not be of any help to anyone. Support programs like scholarships, entrepreneurship and sporting sponsorship offer hope to various groups and individuals who are gifted in various walks of life thus improving their livelihoods. They also offer employment to talent works, and provide support to the less fortunate in the society like the disabled who struggle a lot in day to day activities.
  • There is always need on ground for development and welfare works among communities. These needs have to be fulfilled so as to make lives easier. The demand for welfare work is massive in areas of poverty eradication, Environmental conservation, among others. A good example is that of foundations offering training support to people to become self-reliant. These can be in the form of physical training from those companies or through sponsorship and scholarships.
  • It’s absolutely more than the monetary value. This means that the value added to the communities is more significant in magnitude than just making profits. This has given businesses the will to do more good in uplifting the society as well as doing business together. In the long run, the end result is achievable and the goals are realized. These fruits are sweet and enjoyable to communities that depend on them in many different ways.
  • It’s always good to help and serve humanity in various capacities in life. This gives business a touch with the society and ensures that there is something for all to share irrespective of class or race. It paints a picture of happiness and hope in the lives of the low in society.
  • Lastly, It helps to create peace, love and harmony in communities by ensuring availability of recourses for all to share. This brings a better working environment and opportunities for businesses and the community alike, thus improving productivity. With peace being sweet music to investors, more and more are attracted, leading to larger economies and growth of Gross domestic product.


Over the years, Foundations like MJ foundation (Charitable Foundation) have had a leading role in ensuring that their businesses are well aligned with charity. This is done through a number of sectors like education, and the environment where they have programs to support conservancy and to create awareness in Sri Lanka. This in turn has benefitted many families and uplifted their lives while reducing poverty considerab.