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Where To Buy Premium Homes In Liguria, Italy

Liguria is a long strip of coastline located in the northern region of Italy that extends from Ventimiligia to Capo Corvo near the borders with France and Tuscany respectively. This long strip of coastline is what makes up the renowned Italian Riviera. Its rugged and mountainous terrain is divided into places with small valleys, with houses suspended on the hillsides directly above the small ports and lined with fishing boats. The popular tourist spot known as the Cinque Terre is a group of five stunning fishing villages comprising Vernazza, Riomaggiore, Monterosso al Mare, Manarola and Corniglia.

Liguria has a variety of captivating historical sites; Albenga, Cervo and Bordighers being notable examples. Albenga in particular has a well-preserved primordial historic center and is dubbed the city of towers.

Ligurian Cuisine

Its cuisine is largely Mediterranean, and its seafood is amongst the best in the world. Local delicacies include farinata, focaccia alla Genovese and pesto alla Genovese. In addition, its olive oil fetches high prices in the market and its scented wines are celebrated for their tastiness and high quality.

Major Towns

Portofino and Genoa are the most prominent towns in the Italian Riviera. Since the 1950s, Portofino has grown to be a popular resort destination, predominantly for the affluent yachting enthusiasts – their luxury yachts are docked at the Portofino harbor. Numerous vacation villas, which are owned by English expats, can be found in the town. Nonetheless, Portofino still remains a partially traditional fishing village, full of beauty and magnificence.

Main Residential Areas:

Genoa (Genova)

Genoa, the administrative center of Liguria, is known worldwide to be the birthplace of Christopher Columbus. Its emblem is a prehistoric lighthouse erected upon the cape of San Benigno, known as the Lanterna. This emblem was initially built around 1128 AD, and it pays homage to Genoa’s rich history as a seafaring and vital mercantile town. It is highly revered in Liguria and was once nicknamed “La Superba”.

The Old Town District, locally referred to as Centro Storico, is the largest historic center in Europe. It primarily consists of alleyways and a complex maze of intertwining little cobbled streets referred to as Carrugi. Here, you will find a good number of exquisite Baroque Palazzi along the Via Garibaldi that date back to the 1500s. The Piazza De Ferrari (the main square) is discernible by a dazzling circular fountain and lies adjacent to the Palace of the Doges plus the neo-classical Theatre Felice opera house.

The exceptional Genoa Aquarium is the biggest of its kind in Europe. This aquarium is home to a wide range of sea life, including seals, sharks and dolphins. Just next to the Aquarium, you will find the Porto Antico, the Old Harbor, which is a vibrant seaside promenade featuring cafes, wine cellars and other popular attraction. Additionally, an attractive old-fashioned village of old fishermen’s houses is situated at Boccadasse, on the eastern part of the Corso Italia.


Castelleto hovers on the hillside and overlooks the Genoese city center, giving you a spectacular view of Genoa and the Mediterranean Sea. To access this fascinating neighborhood, you will require two lifts since the area is incredibly high above the ground.


Liguria’s appeal and rich history makes it a popular tourist attraction. From Castelleto, Genoa to Portofino, visitors can be guaranteed of breathtaking scenery and numerous interesting activities to engage in. Similarly, if you are looking for real estates in Liguria, you can find affordable property and get real good value for money.

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