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What’s the Worst that Can Happen?

What’s the Worst that Can Happen?

When it comes to plumbing challenges in your home, “What’s the worst that can happen?” is a very scary question.  You might not want to wait to find out.  Victoria BC plumbers can help you learn to recognize some of the risks you may unknowingly be taking with your home’s plumbing.

It’s not a ventilation problem

That odor emanating from your clean toilet is just nasty – and it never goes away.  Plumbing Victoria BC specialists know that a lingering or constant odor of sewage can be as simple as repairing a defective wax ring, or as complex as excavating to reach a broken pipe lying beneath the concrete foundation.

Sewage odors can create a health hazard and they are always unpleasant.  Don’t wait until the odor is overwhelming.  Have it checked as soon as possible.


Whistling running water

Do the faucets in your kitchen, laundry, or bathroom whistle (or groan) when the water is running?  Sediment may have built up in the pipes, or there could be a leaky valve creating the problem.  Groaning and creaking can indicate improper positioning or bracing and a large gurgling noise as you turn the tap off can be from inefficient air cushioning related to a faulty pipe layout.

These are not DIY projects.  They call for the help of plumbing Victoria BC specialists who have the experience and tools to trace and resolve the problem(s).

Wasting away

You fell in love with that vintage mid-century home, eccentricities and all.  But unless the previous owner updated the plumbing, you may be in for an unpleasant surprise.  Your house has aging, decaying pipes.

Don’t wait for the wasting away process to be completed.  Contact a Victoria BC plumber to evaluate the condition of your home’s plumbing.  Replacing pipes will be less costly if done before they break and cause major damage.

Drains and disposal abuse

Some plumbing problems just happen because of natural usage and aging processes but you don’t have to hasten that process along!

Think before you drop animal bones, fats, oils and grease down the disposal.  Garbage disposals are not designed to process high-fibre foods like potatoes, corn husks and hard products like plastic utensils and trash.  And do not mistake the disposal for an alternative paper shredder, either.

Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for safe and appropriate usage.  Simple maintenance and correct usage can be money in your pocket (when you don’t have to call the plumber to repair or replace the disposal).

Be proactive – call the pros ahead of need

Plumbing concerns don’t have to be scary and costly.  Proactive homeowners have their Plumbing Victoria BC specialists conduct routine plumbing checks to identify what’s in good condition and catch problems early in the making.