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VPN- The Mobile Security Force

Whether you are an iOS fan boy or an android die hard, you must be downloading hundreds of apps from their huge app stores. That, right there, is one of the main reason that your phone is at risk. Downloading a lot of apps not only gives your informationout (Some of the applications also ask for your basic info like location etc.) but also makes your phone vulnerable to hackers and malware.

Carry the World in Your Hand

Having a VPN installed in your phone, will not only help you have a secure downloading but will also keep your information discreet. The most important aspect of having a VPN on your phone is that it gives you an unlimited access without any geo blocking. Geo blocking is done by sites, where they block access of the customers having an IP address of a certain region. If you have VPN on your phone, you can access those websites from your mobile.VPN will connect you to servers that are allowed to access the website. Your real IP address is hidden from the sites so they cannot block you. It is the most convenient aspect of mobile VPN. Now you can work, browse, download and search any website that you want without any limitation.


Best VPN to Grab for Your Mobile:

Just search the internet and find yourself a large number of options or apps regarding VPN. You must research well and compare each of them in great detail. What you need to look for in a VPN is listed as follows:

  • What price does it charge for its services?
  • Does it keep any logs? ( If it does keep logs, it means you won’t have anonymity while browsing, which is not a good option in a VPN)
  • Does it allow P2P VPN file sharing?
  • How many different servers and IPs it has and the number of countries in its portfolio.

Ask yourself the above mentioned four easy questions before selecting your desired VPN.

After you have analyzed the pros and cons of each VPN you can choose what fits your need the most. Following is the list of some of the most popular mobile VPNs that we have compiled just for you. Have a look and you might find what you are looking for:

  • Express VPN
  • Tor Guard
  • Invisible VPN
  • Private Internet Access

These are only a few names. You can search further to find out more options/ features and prices.



As mentioned earlier, having a VPN will get you a lot of advantage that your ordinary operating system will not be able to provide you with. You need to test it to believe it. You need to experience the feeling of safe, secure, and anonymous browsing. On the downside having a VPN might slow your browsing and download speed due to heavy encryption. But the security and accessibility it provides is worth compromising the speed.