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Located at the heart of the Costa del Sol, MarbellaPads have a wealth of understanding and an excellent variety of villas for sale in the area. Being situated in the middle of town, they are able to show households covering just the best parts on this Mediterranean coast, from Estepona to Elviria.

As a result, the villas on offer are the best around. Boasting an exclusive range of luxury villas for sale in Marbella, as well as top notch houses, they have everything covered with widespread familiarity of the setting you can be sure they will find the villa of your dreams.

They will be with you every stage of the journey through to final conclusion at notary; MarbellaPads are a welcome face in an swarming property sales market on the Spanish coast. Welcoming unbiased guidance on what may be the best option for you is their only priority. Catering for most budgets, villas can be found from as little as 400,000€ and if it’s a buy to rent you’re looking for in then their advice on expected rental return rates are precise and fair. Also offering a home management facility that means peace of mind when you are away from the resort.

If the start of this year is anything to go by, sales in the market will likely double that of the last year. And its easy to see why when Spain is considered the most popular destination for holiday makers from the north of Europe. With a perfect sunshine climate, diverse culture and unlimited number of things to keep all ages entertained its easy to see why.

Sporting activities including golf and tennis are particular rife and there are a number of public and member only clubs that will be happy to welcome newcomers.

Children clubs are also popular and you can be sure the little ones will never get bored. Nursery’s and day care are the most common, but even those looking to move here permanently will be happy to note the public school system is very open, and of course the international schooling options also very good. There are plenty of top quality English schools you can consider.

The architecture is some of the best around, with very distinctive styles falling in to two categories. There are the more traditional style Andalucian type villas with rand entrances, tall beams and high ceilings. And at the opposite end of the spectrum incredible whitewashed modern and contemporary villas that appeal to the younger rich generation of property buyers.

For a full list of luxury villas across the coast covering all the best areas you should always do your homework on who to work with and who to invest your time with. For this will ultimately play a hige part in helping you to make the buying process as smooth and pain free as possible.

Thing to look out for:

–          High demand

–          Price drops

–          Quality of build

–          Selling history

–          Age of villa

–          How do you feel

–          Area reviews