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Understanding Heavy Lifting Solutions

When a heavy object needs to be lifted, mistakes can delay the entire job at hand. Sometimes a heavy lifting job goes smoothly without the need for extra equipment, and sometimes the job requires very specialized equipment like professional jib cranes, forklifts or winches to complete the task. If special equipment is needed, picking the right machine is essential. Here are three lifting machines that may suit your needs, depending on the item that needs to be lifted, and the terrain that you have to work with.


Cranes use wire ropes, hoists and chains to lift an object directly up and then swing it over to its new location. Cranes are ideal for irregularly shaped items that may need to be secured with chains or objects that need to be removed from or lowered into a very small area, such as a car or truck’s engine compartment.



Forklifts will get the lifting job done if the item can be accessed horizontally. They are ideal for lifting crates and pallets and transporting them across warehouses or shipping yards.


Winches move heavy objects by pulling them with a rope, cable or chain. The winch uses the power of leverage by tightening the rope, cable or chain around a drum or pulley with a crank. It can be used alone for small lifting jobs or used as part of a heavier machine such as an elevator.

Whether you need to lift a large or small heavy object, there are many different solutions available to get the job done. From forklift attachments to winches to crane attachments and more Pro Lift solutions has one of the largest heavy lifting equipment inventories available to help you find the right equipment for your job. To find out about Pro Lift Solutions various lifting options, please visit