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Unblock any Website with HideIPVPN

A lot of censorship is going on in the world of internet these days. But I believe that information should not be hidden from anyone. Government of some countries have even banned some of the most awesome social networking sites likes Facebook and Twitter. We live in a free world, and I don’t think that these censorship rules should limit us from visiting any website on the internet.

This is the world of information, so let’s plan to access any website we wish to access. But wait a minute, you might be wondering how we are going to do it. The answer to this problem is HideIPVPN. An amazing VPN tool that gives you the unlimited power of anonymity on the internet.

Why do I need a VPN?

VPN abbreviate as Virtual Private Network. It uses the public network to provide secure access to a remote IP address. It is an encrypted channel that prevents data theft on the internet.

Data theft is one of the major concerns of people who are using the internet. Nobody wants their data to be in hands of some stranger out there. But we usually don’t take this concern seriously and this makes us a potential target of scammers on the internet.

One of the other concerns is Privacy. Would you live if somebody has the power to go through your surfing history. To take away this power from the ISP and local government, use of a VPN service is a must.

Features of HideIPVPN

The below mentioned are some of the features of HideIPVPN, that makes it stand out in the crowd.

  • HideIPVPN is a NO LOGS VPN service. (Anything you do on the internet, no logs of it is kept. This gives you the power of total anonymity. )
  • Easy to Install and Use.
  • HideIPVPN software has a size of just 2.5 MB.
  • Servers present in US, UK, Germany, Canada and Netherlands.
  • Reliable Kill switch, that protects your true IP address no matter what happens.
  • Multiple Payment Gateway Supported.
  • Stop the Service any time you want.
  • All VPN protocols supports.
  • Unlimited Speed and Bandwidth.
  • Unblock any website with the help of powerful servers spread across the world.
  • Unblock sites like Hulu, Netflix, BBC iplayer, HBO Go, Spotify, Pandora, abc and many more.
  • Bypass censorship rules based on geographical location of your system.
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • 24 hour Free VPN trial
  • Free trial of Smart DNS for 7 days
  • All major operating systems are supported. Even the Android OS of Smartphone is supported.
  • 24 x 7 customers based on Live chat and Ticket resolution system.


Looking at the high number of features supported by this tool, you might be wondering that it would be very difficult to install and use it. But let me assure you that this tool will only take you a few minutes to install and use. The tool has a very neat interface design and works very smoothly.


Plans and Pricing

The plans and pricing are described with the following image:-

Plans and Pricing

Customer Support

HideIPVPN is service that started in 2009. They have been in this market for a long time, and they surely know how to keep their customers happy. With 24 x 7 customer support, no problem is left unattended. You can contact their support team via the live customer support channel or generate a ticket describing the details of your problem. Every ticket raised is treated with utmost priority. This is one of the primary reasons they have been able to retain majority of their customers.


Looking at the huge list of features offered and the reasonable pricing model of this service, it would be a bad idea if you don’t start with the trial version of the VPN and Smart DNS service offered by them. Don’t forget the fact that, our privacy and data is on the stake. Miss this service and you will continue to be in the fear of data theft and privacy breach. I am sure you would love the service and be their customer forever.

Be Bold, be Anonymous and happy surfing. !!

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