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Two Reasons Why You Should Move to Jupiter Florida

When people think of Florida they automatically think of Orlando and Miami. It’s easy to understand why.

Many people forget about Jupiter and the West Palm Beach area. Jupiter is located in Palm Beach County and as of 2010 had 55 000 people living there. This makes it a small enough town that’s close to Miami so you can get the big city life if you want to.

It’s close to the water so if you enjoy water sports like Kayaking, Snorkelling, Water Skiing or Canoeing, Jupiter is the place for that.

As great as Jupiter is, it has a perception that it’s for old people. They think it’s for old retired snowbirds from the Northern US and Canada. Sure, you will see some snowbirds around who are retired but you’ll also see lots of young families.

Many people also think Jupiter is too expensive. Sure, there are expensive areas and communities. But you can find some great real estate in Jupiter Florida that won’t cost you a million dollars.

This brings me to the first reason why you should move to Jupiter Florida.

1) Variety

The Abacoa development is one great area and the main reason you should move to Jupiter Florida. It’s home to 17 communities. These communities have plenty of different offerings. You can live in condos, townhouses or three story homes. The architecture also varies from neighborhood to neighborhood. Many of these communities have a clubhouse with swimming pools, hot tubs and fully stocked gyms for those looking to exercise.

All of the communities are also close to restaurants, shopping and football and baseball parks.

So you can get a lot of different real estate in Jupiter and West Palm Beach. All at different price points. This is why you should consider moving to the area if you are thinking of moving to Florida.

2) The Weather

It’s pretty obvious that the weather is great. Especially in the winter. There are some storms that can occur but everywhere else in Florida and the coast can get hit so there’s not getting away from it.

The summer temperatures never climb extremely high as Jupiter is located on the water. So you can get a nice little breeze to cool you down.

These are just two great reasons to move to Jupiter Florida. We haven’t even talked about the golf courses. That’s for another time.

So if you’re looking for Jupiter homes for sale, check out Ultimate Realty Corp. Chris Lawhon is the owner of Ultimate Realty Corp and has been living in Jupiter Florida for over 12 years. He knows the area well and has experience selling and brokering homes.